PR: T-Bone Binding Launches Rental Program

LOS ALAMITOS, Calif.–Nov. 19, 1997–Pacific International Enterprises Inc. (OTCBB:PCIE), parent company of Crush Innovative Sports Systems and Microski, have launched their ’97-’98 T-Bone Snowboard Boot and Binding Rental Program.

This news release deals specifically with PIE’s initial entry into winter resorts of Eastern Canada; Horseshoe, Mt. Kirby and Mt. St. Louis Moonstone, all in, central Ontario, the heart of the snowbelt.

The orders vary from a dozen to fifty units, enabling the rental shops to test market T-Bone against other bindings they are currently using.

Horseshoe, one hour north of Toronto has 26 trails, seven lifts, a snowboard park, a half-pipe and is open seven days and seven nights per week. New this season they offer a Big Air Class which consists of eight hours of coaching on how to perform 360’s, 720’s and other aerials from qualified snowboarding instructors.

Mt. Kirby, one half hour north of Oshawa has 22 trails, 11 lifts, a 300 foot vertical and is open seven days and three nights per week.

Snowboarding is relatively new to this resort and PIE is excited to offer a T-Bone rental program at this level of development.

Mt. St. Louis Moonstone, two hours north of Toronto has 35 trails and 13 lifts with a total uphill capacity produced by this network of lifts of 21,500 people per hour.

The vertical is 550 feet and the resort is open seven days per week. Their snowboard program is three years old with two expanded parks, a longer half pipe and bigger jumps all serviced by a new quad chair.

With a rental fleet of 250 snowboards, certified instructors and a pipe dragon, they have gained a reputation as a premier snowboarding venue.

Binks Graval, chairman and chief executive officer of PIE, stated: “Eastern Canada is phase one of our systematic plan to introduce T-Bone to winter resort rental shops in North America.

“T-Bone’s single screw stance adjustment, that allows the rider to transfer from regular to goofy foot in seconds, will make a difference. When you take into consideration that our number one response from first time test riders is that how easy the system attaches in deep snow, I feel confident that the rental tech’s and managers will become T-Bone devotees rather quickly.”

Howie Outerbridge, Canadian Olympic Snowboard Team Coach and PIE shareholder, stated: “I have been riding T-Bone exclusively for three years now. The system’s a shoe-in for the rental market, more so than any other binding system offered today. The binding provides easy board installation, low maintenance, low profile for added storage space, automatic hold open lever and the boots are compatible with conventional strap bindings so the shop owners can utilize their existing rental inventories.

“This system is great for the eastern Canadian areas because a large amount of your time is spent getting in and out of your bindings due to the short runs and long lift times. With straps to buckle and un-buckle you ride about forty times on a full day ticket. With T-Bone you get ten extra runs in.”