PR: North American Judges Receive Certification

Top North American judges underwent the IJC certification process on August 14, at Mt Hood under the guidance of Greg Johnson the IJC NA Coordinator and ISF Chief of Freestyle as well as Tom Wagener the IJC World Wide Chairman and ISF Judges Director. As one of the stated goals of the IJC is to better train judges world wide, this four day judges clinic covered all elements of freestyle snowboarding including straight air, quarterpipe and halfpipe. The certification exam covered all aspects of judging these events and was composed of a written test and a in-depth video practical exam. Twenty seven Pro snowboard judges attended the clinic with representation from the USASA regions as well as members of the ISF.

The camp was very successful in training the Pro judges for the upcoming season as well as laying the foundation for a more consistent judges training program for the USASA and training the USASA instructors. This group is the only recognized group in NA that has gone through a rigorous training program as well as holds the majority of experience in the field of judging through various high profile events including the US Open, ISF World Series, GP’s , X-games and Olympics. The judges below are some of the most qualified to judge snowboard contest in NA and internationally this upcoming season.

David DeSa              IJC Pro Judge III
Jason Grossi IJC Pro Judge III
Jay Moore IJC Pro Judge III

Adam Faithfull IJC Pro Judge II
Marcello Centurione IJC Pro Judge II
Steven Vivino IJC Pro Judge II
Maria McNulty IJC Pro Judge II
Jeff Davis* IJC Pro Judge II
Brian Harper* IJC Pro Judge II
Jason Dow* IJC Pro Judge II
Matt Abrahams* IJC Pro Judge II
Matt Cassell* IJC Pro Judge II

Tim O’Brien IJC Pro Judge I
Bryce Maxwell IJC Pro Judge I
Tony Proctor IJC Pro Judge I
David Minassian IJC Pro Judge I
Remi Laliberte IJC Pro Judge I
Rick Bauer IJC Pro Judge I
Josh Linn IJC Pro Judge I
Dennis Sayer IJC Pro Judge I
Vicki Spencer* IJC Pro Judge I
Kevin Rochun* IJC Pro Judge I
Kevin Burke* IJC Pro Judge I
River Brandon* IJC Pro Judge I
John Brunner IJC Pro Judge I

North American snowboard judges as well as their international counterparts have established the International Judging Commission to promote snowboard judging ideals based exclusively on rider input and freestyle snowboard experts. With a plethora of worldwide contests, both sanctioned and unsanctioned, the need for consistency and progression of freestyle judging, formats and criteria is essential for the growth of the sport. If you have questions concerning the IJC and the judges it represents please send an e-mail to,.

IJC Goals

1. Develop the IJC foundation world wide.
2. Be the recognized leaders and experts in freestyle snowboarding.
3. Accomplish the above by being true to riders and judges.
4. Set the worldwide freestyle agenda based on rider input.
5. Set the highest standards in judging and contest organization.
6. Develop partners within the snowboard community.
7. Establish a positive image for snowboarding.

Developmental Programs

1. Expand the IJC Judges Exchange.
2. Develop a strong rider relationship with PSA-NA.
3. Work with the ISF TeCom in establishing the best for freestyle
4. Technical Supervisor training specific to freestyle.
5. Consolidation of freestyle site management.
6. Legal representation for judges