PR: DAS/B Survey Reveals Donor Motivation And Spending Habits, Higher Retailer Knowledge Of Program

McLEAN, VA (June 8, 1999) – Excellent survey results – one third ofthe forms returned from more than 1,000 mailed – overwhelminglyemphasized three facts about SIA’s Donate-A-Ski/Donate-A-Board (DAS/B)program: Most donors purchased new clothing or equipment as a resultof the program; consumers donated to the program because they wantedtheir used gear to be put to good use; and retailers were veryknowledgeable about the program.

Notable is the fact that 67.5 percent of the respondents of the SIA DAS/B Survey stated they purchased new clothing or equipment as a result of the program. When asked how much they spent, 66 percent replied. Of those 66 percent, 48.5 percent purchased $401 or more; 31.5 percent purchased $201-$400; 11 percent purchased $101-$200; 6.5 percent purchased $51-$100; and 2.5 percent purchased $50 or less.

Seventy percent replied they donated gear because it would be put to good use. The other two options – receiving a tax credit and helping a local charity or organization – received 50 percent and 20 percent respectively. Some donors checked more than one answer.

Retailers did an admirable job of informing customers about the program. Sixty-seven percent said the retailer was very knowledgeable about the program; 31 percent were somewhat knowledgeable; only two percent were not very knowledgeable. Staff employees were a valuable aid in telling customers about the program as 43.7 percent of the donors indicated staff employees told them about DAS/B.

Donate-A-Ski/Donate-A-Board encourages consumers to turn in their used ski and snowboarding clothing and equipment and receive a tax deduction in exchange. The collected gear is then donated to charities and organization such as the Special Olympics. DAS/B is sponsored by the SIA Educational and Charitable Foundation. Last year, the program was sponsored by RPS and SnowLink. Contact Jeanne M. Mattie (201) 848-6818 for more information.