Powers, Teter Bag Mammoth Grand Prix

Ross Powers and Hannah Teter each went home from Mammoth Mountain a few thousand dollars richer after Saturday’s Chevrolet U.S. Snowboard Grand Prix halfpipe finals. The second stop of this year’s Grand Prix went down under sunny blue skies at an early 9:30 am.

Twenty men and ten women qualified to compete in a best of two runs format. Park City Grand Prix first place finisher Hannah Teter was back in the women’s final--not surprisingly holding a first place qualifying position. While Teeter sat back waiting for her run, nine other women stepped up to challenge her spot collectively pulling 540’s and even a few 720’s. Molly Aguirre, Lindsay Jacobellis, Chanelle Sladics, Elena Hight, Kimberly Fasani, Kristen Fagan, and Clair Bidez all made huge efforts, but in the end Tricia Byrnes and Mercedes Nicoll were the closest to challenging Teter.

Not surprising Byrnes, Nicoll, and Teter were also the top three qualifiers. The first of the three to drop, Byrnes first run was clean and put her into first place with a smooth cab 540 and switch method for a 36.70. Nicoll went next and made the most of Mammoth’s lengthy pipe getting in ten hits stomping a backside 540 and a number of straight airs to score a 34.00. The score would be good enough to hold her through the second round in third place. Then came Teter--huge frontside 540 to McTwist with plenty of lofty airs--38.00 put her in first and no one ever caught up. The standings stood through the second runs and the event ended with Teter, Byrnes, and Nicoll on the podium.

The Men’s finals were a different story. Shaun White was noticeably MIA reportedly at the Volcom warehouse shooting skits for his upcoming film The White Album and maybe saving himself up for the X-Games. Without White there were plenty of riders looking to fill in the gaps. In the end it was two Olympic medalists --Ross Powers and Danny Kass in the one and three spots with Park City’s Grand Prix winner Andy Finch grabbing a second place finish. However, the standings didn’t come come as quickly as they did for the women.

After the first round, Mammoth local Chris Nelson was holding first with a 40 and Guillaume Morisset had second with his back to back 720, frontside 540 combo that gave him a 39.6. Tommy Czeschin, Luke Wynen, Lane Knaack, Mason Aguirre, Shane Pospisil, the Teter brothers Elijah and Abe, and a few others all had decent runs, but a shaded left wall and bumpy pipe gave even the best riders some trouble. Tyler Emond and Guy Deschesne were just two of the first round casualties.

The second round held a few surprises. Andy Finch pulled out into first place starting it off with a pair of severe sevens, an inverted frontside nine, and a McTwist. Joe Eddy and Elijah Teter followed but couldn’t muster up enough to compete. Then came Kass who bettered his earlier score spinning into a frontside seven, cab seven to frontside nine lien combo but it was only enough to grab second behind Finch. Last up was Powers launching his huge signature method air off the first hit into lofty frontside seven to cab seven combo, then whipping out a frontside nine and McTwist. “The walls were a little bumpy,” said Powers. “To put together that many hits in one run made it a challenging pipe, but I definitely like the long pipes--doing a lot of hits and everything--but it all worked out today.”

So, that capped it. Standing on the men’s podium were Powers in first, Finch in second, and Kass in third--except Kass never actually stood on the podium. Rumor is that he doesn’t go to the podium, pose for photos, or collect prize money in Grand Prix events.

Check out the video and call the runs for yourself.

Men’s Results
1 Ross POWERS USA 43.9
2 Andy FINCH USA 42.8
3 Daniel KASS USA 41.1
4 Christop NELSON USA 41
5 Luke WYNEN USA 40.2
6 Guilla MORISSET CAN 39.6
7 Tommy CZESCHIN USA 38.9
8 Mason AGUIRRE USA 33.3
9 Lane KNAACK USA 33.2
10 Louie VITO USA 32.9
11 Shayne POOSPISIL USA 32.4
13 Elijah TETER USA 30.2
14 Joe EDDY USA 30
15 Grant GLENN USA 28
16 Abram TETER USA 24.5
17 Jake BLAUVELT USA 24.2
19 Kevin PEARCE USA 19.2
20 Tyler EMOND USA 12.9

Did Not Make Finals
21 Rob KINGWILL USA 34.8
22 Mitchell ALLAN AUS 34.4
23 Stephen MYERS USA 34.2
24 Dave BRUMM USA 34.1
25 Andrew BURTON AUS 34.1
26 Jarret THOMAS USA 33.3
27 Alex DEIBOLD USA 32.1
28 Nathan FARRELL USA 31.5
30 Seth WESCOTT USA 30.2
32 Aaron WOODARD USA 26.3
33 Jose-Anto LOPEZ MEX 26.1
34 Scott LAGO USA 26.1
35 Chris RUNGE USA 26
36 Andrew JOHNSON USA 25.7
37 Daniel LONGO CAN 24.4
38 Jonatha CHEEVER USA 23.8
39 Frankie JONES USA 23.5
40 Daniel HAMMOND USA 23.5
41 Gregory BRETZ USA 23.2
42 Eric SEIDLER USA 22.2
43 Jared HENDRICK USA 21.9
44 Adam KLIMEK USA 21.4
45 Davis JOHNSON USA 21.1
46 Jesse CSINCSAK USA 21
47 David KUBICKA USA 20.9
48 Wes KLAHN USA 20.8
49 Jeremy BLACK USA 20.5
50 Scott WITSIL USA 20.3
51 Yancy CALDWELL USA 20.3
52 Tucker BRAUND CAN 20.2
53 Spencer TAMBLYN USA 20.1
54 Donald FRASER USA 19.5
55 Hunter THOMPSON USA 18.7
56 Ari GIOVENCO USA 17.9
57 Edwart SAWICZ USA 17.1
58 Marc BAKER AUS 16.4
59 Kory WRIGHT CAN 16
60 Cody HOFFMAN CAN 15.9
61 Bobby FLANIGAN USA 15.9
62 Ross BAKER USA 14.4
63 Adam PEARCE F 13.4
65 Jared ANDERSON CAN 12.2
66 Dan CSOKONAY CAN 11.3
67 Travis WHITE USA 9.8

Women’s Results
1 Hannah TETER USA 38.6
2 Tricia BYRNES USA 36.7
3 Mercedes NICOLL CAN 34
5 Molly AGUIRRE USA 31.2
6 Elena HIGHT USA 30.9
7 Kristen FAGAN USA 29.7
8 Chanell SLADICS USA 26.3
9 Clair BIDEZ USA 20
10 Kimberly FASANI USA 67.6
Did Not Make Finals
11 Mary SALLAH USA 31
12 Sabrin ST.MARIE USA 29.3
13 Maelle RICKER CAN 28.1
15 Brittany GILMAN USA 23.3
17 Dominiqu VALLEE CAN 20.7
18 Nami EMOTO JPN 20
19 Tiffan MARSHALL USA 19.8
20 Ashley BERGER USA 17.2
21 Natalie SAWYER CAN 16.7
22 Julya-A CHAPMAN USA 16.7
23 Lindsey TELLING USA 16.3
24 Mariko KASAI JPN 15.9
25 Scarle CALDWELL USA 10.1
26 Sarah BETTS USA 7.9