Powers Hosts Camp at Stratton

STRATTON MOUNTAIN, VT — Two-time Olympic Medallist Ross Powers comes hometo Stratton Mountain where he stages a fast-paced snowboard camp forintermediate and advanced riders from March 24-26, 2004.

Powers, his posse of pros, and a roster of the nation’s top instructorsdeliver the kind of coaching that propels riders to that next level. “Weoutline the steps, make the technique clear,” says Sean Cattanaugh, BurtonSnowboards and American Association of Snowboard Instructors Demo Team.

“It’s not `follow me … or go faster…,'” Snowboarders will be grouped according to ability and interest. Each grouptrains with a certified coach, including AASI Demo Members. Powers and afull slate of today’s top competitors will rotate through so everyone getsplenty of personalized instruction, Powers also hosts a party with prizes,autograph session and more.The 2004 Ross Powers Snowboard Camp at Stratton includes three days ofall-mountain riding and training in Stratton’s No.1 rated terrain parks, andthe Superpipe and Slopestyle course from the US Open SnowboardingChampionships, at Stratton March 17-21 when Powers defends his 2003Superpipe title.

The three-day camp is $449. For reservations call 1-800-STRATTONNow in its fourth year, the Ross Powers Snowboard Camp is a benefit for theRoss Powers Foundation, a source of financial support for promising athletesin need. “World-class competition, especially the Olympics, should featurethe best athletes with the greatest drive, commitment, and determination;unfortunately, given how expensive wintersports can be, too often theseevents feature the best athletes with the greatest drive, commitment, anddetermination-with a certain level of financial backing,” explains Powers.He is committed to leveling the playing field and encouraging the growth ofworld-class athletes from Vermont.At the age of 24, Powers has established himself as the best snowboardercompeting today and he is poised to become the most successful snowboarderin the history of the sport. He grew up in Londonderry, Vermont and attendedthe Stratton Mountain School on scholarship. Considered snowboarding’s firstchild prodigy, Powers competed in his first U.S.Open at the age of nine,while his 4th grade class watched.

While continuing to compete in a full slate of events, winning this year’sMammoth Grand Prix, the two-time Olympic medalist and two-time US Openwinner is focusing more time on freeriding, filming and family.