Help PowderJet make boards with recycled plastic bases

PowderJet founder Jesse Loomis is an independent board maker from Vermont who wants to build 25 handmade, wooden snowboards with recycled plastic bases. It’s something that’s never been done in the snowboard world. He’s trying to raise $6,000 on Kickstarter by November 23 and has almost reached his goal. See what the pledge choices are and what your money gets you at

From Jesse:

“I started building PowderJet in 2009 because I couldn’t find the board I wanted in the mayhem of the current snowboard industry. I wanted a classic powder surfer that would float me through open powder fields, and turn tightly enough to manage the squirrely trees here in Vermont. It needed a concave tail that would make quick turns even quicker, and have a loose, surfy feel out in the open. It also needed bindings, needed to be light, and it needed to be built as ecologically-minded as possible. The board I was looking for wasn't being built, so PowderJet Snowboards was spawned.

“This is why I’m approaching Kickstarter: I would like to produce a run of 25 of these new models this winter.  I have the R&D done.  I have the experience to build them.  I have all of the machinery required.  The Kickstarter campaign will pay for the new molds and materials I need to make the new boards.  If the campaign is funded, the boards will be out there this winter.  If you want, you can be riding one of them.

“All new endeavors pose potential risks, but with the PowderJet P-tex project, the risks are minimal. I already produce a PowderJet snowboard, so my machinery and production are solid and in place in my current shop. You won’t be assuming any risk here because I guarantee that I can build a righteous snowboard – I’ve been doing it for four years now. Last winter I tinkered and tested boards with a P-tex base, and I promise you, they work; in fact, they work really well. I’m not coming to you with a half baked scheme – we’re WAY past back of the napkin stage. You won’t be paying for my mistakes or R&D. You will simply be funding the evolution of an already great product. We’ve even limited the number of boards to 25 to make sure that I can get them out to you before the winter is over. I really think we’ve thought this through, and if you choose to back us, you can be sure you’re going to get a great reward in return. Thank you.”