POW Update

Since our launch in 2007, with support from thousands of individuals and corporations, Protect Our Winters has re-invested every dollar we receive to various organizations that help contribute to the reversal of global climate change.

•We've partnered with Rossignol's Evergreen Alliance on the Solar 4R Schools program, installing solar panels on school rooftops and teachers with curriculums in Burlington, VT, Jackson, WY and Park City UT. The program provide students and teachers with a hands-on educational curriculum raising awareness of the importance of renewable energy.

•We recently made a contribution to the Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center, to help fund the development of a climate change teaching curriculum to be distributed globally – helping give teachers a solid foundation upon which to educate their students.

•We're supporting the release of "My Own Two Feet", the first action sports film shot entirely using sustainable production methods. It's an incredible film and we're giving our supporters the opportunity to use it to raise awareness and funding for their local climate change initiatives. As of today, we have 21 events planned around the globe.
The POW community is growing every day, made up of pro athletes, everyday riders and industry partners who realize how important it is that winter stays white. The effects of climate change effects are being felt mostly by us, whose lifestyle depends on the winter season. So it's up to us to do something.

We certainly appreciate your support this past year and ask that you consider making a contribution to POW this year. With the winter season coming up fast, we'll be busy making contributions and we need your support to make this happen.

Please visit www.protectourwinters.org (here) to learn more about what we've been up to and to become part of the POW community.

Together We Can Protect Our Winters