Plenty of Powder at ThirtyTwo Day at Brighton

One of the bigger storms of the year hammered Brighton Resort right before the fourth annual ThirtyTwo Day yesterday.  Brighton typically gets 500 inches of snow each season, and the latest storm dropped about 32 inches just in time for ThirtyTwo Day's Helltrack Banked Slalom and Rail Jam contests.


The ThirtyTwo Day event combines the rider's results in both the Helltrack Banked Slalom and Rail Jam contests for overall winners.  Each of the winners took home a golden ThirtyTwo boot trophy, $320 in cash, a new ThirtyTwo snowboard, boots and shoes.

Located in the Brighton park, the Helltrack Banked Slalom event kicked the day off with snowboarders of all ages and ability levels ranging from casual weekend warriors to seasoned pros flying through the berms and turns.

Helltrack Banked Slalom Results:



  1. Dave King – 31.31seconds
  2. Chris Brewster – 32.22 seconds
  3. Will Ermish – 32.31 seconds
  4. Everest Arnold – 32.53 seconds
  5. Jared D – 32.56 seconds
  6. Kyle Cartwright – 32.75 seconds
  7. Ben Mouser – 32.87 seconds
  8. Chris Bradshaw – 33.19 seconds
  9. Will Collins – 33.31 seconds
  10. Sam Blazejewski – 33.59 seconds



  1. Soraya Coomams – 34.56 seconds
  2. Laura Rogoski – 36.25 seconds
  3. Alexa McArty – 36.50 seconds
  4. Rose Struble – 37.08 seconds
  5. Cadince Linn – 37.69 seconds
  6. Samantha Kolesky – 37.97 seconds
  7. Hannah Williams – 38.25 seconds
  8. Meghan Dorsey – 38.74 seconds
  9. Nicole Roccara – 38.81 seconds
  10. Nicole Alex – 41.40 seconds

Kids love rail jams, and the level of progression by the riders on the Brighton rails yesterday made it a contest to remember!  Everest Arnold slayed the rail contest with so many solid tricks!  One of the highlights from Everest's run was a gap 450 to boardslide on the down rail.  Alexa McArty locked in a gap to front board on the close out and a backlip on the down rail to win the women's division.

Men's Rail Jam Results:

  1. Everest Arnold
  2. Sam Blazejewski
  3. Dave King
  4. Brent Mohr

Women's Rail Jam Results:

  1. Alexa McArty
  2. Samantha Kolesky
  3. Laura Rogoski


ThirtyTwo thanks Brighton Resort for hosting the fourth annual ThirtyTwo Day event!  Brighton has some of the best terrain in the world, and its location at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon makes it a magnet for powder!  Look out for the new ThirtyTwo Brighton Spot Check video that will be dropping online soon.