Please Help: Very Rare Lucid Notion Snowboard Stolen at Big Bear!

Two weeks ago a very rare Lucid Notion Snowboard was stolen from the interior of a vehicle in the Big Bear parking lot. The board in question belonged to a longtime friend of Lucid Notion’s co-owner, Miss. Ashley Finke. It was a 2005-2006 Lucid Notion Bird 154cm. What makes this board so rare is that it was one of only five in the world built with P-Tex sidewalls.

Ashley’s email to Lucid Notion World Headquarters in Downtown Denver Colorado read like this:

hey daniel, sorry it took me so long to write back … life has been pretty crazy here in tahoe. my snowboard, well it got stolen out of my truck two days ago, so i’ve been pretty depressed since my lucid notion bird was the love of my life. so that’s pretty lame, but that’s life i guess. i hope your doin ok, and i still have your email with your number and ill try giving you a call later this week.

much love,

ash “charity finke

Lucid Notions Owners have replaced Ashley’s snowboard free of charge and a group of people involving Lucid Notions owners, Punk bands Fenix TX and Denver Harbor, and their front man Will Salazar have put together a $1000.00 reward for the safe return of the rare Lucid Notion Bird snowboard.

If you or anyone you know has a Lucid Notion Bird 154 with P-Tex sidewalls, and have no ability to explain how it was acquired. (Hint…none were for sale) please contact The Lucid Notion Snowboard Company in Denver immediately. The snowboard can be sent to Lucid Notion World Headquarters in Denver at the address below… no questions asked.Everyone involved with Lucid Notion, (Especially Ashley Finke) appreciate your help in resolving this matter and returning a prized piece of property back to a snowboarding community oriented company that truly deserves to have it back.


Daniel E. Ekker
President / Co-Owner
Lucid Notion Snowboard Co.

1200 Galapago St. #222
Denver, CO 80204