Planet Snow Design Builds Largest Halfpipe in North America

May 2nd, 2005 —Planet Snow Design in conjunction with Winterpark Resort in Colorado, Zaugg and CAMO (formerly Bombardier) built the very first halfpipe in North America with the redesigned Pipe-Monster 22. Test riders were the Burton Global Team and the result: a big thumbs up for the new bigger-sized pipe, it’s going to be hard to go back to yesterday’s superpipe (at a mere 18 ft radius).

“Zaugg’s redesigned pipe monster has a 22-ft shape, and makes for a smooth as silk ride. The halfpipe shape has finally reached where it should be. Initially pipes were built around skateboard halfpipe dimensions and not for the size of a snowboard, but with the new bigger size, it fits a snowboard like a glove. The shape will allow riders to continue the explosive progression of snowboarding. It’s time to step up or fall behind.

Pat Malendoski, Planet Snow Design Owner/Operator

For more information on the new PipeMonster 22 and photos of the Winterpark pipe visit Planet Snow Design can be reached at 541-317-4164 or

About Planet Snow Design
Planet Snow Design is a rider-driven company solely dedicated to creating the best snowboarding venues on the planet. They design and construct parks, pipes & other terrain features for snow events and mountain resorts worldwide.

The company is responsible for many of the industry’s top snowboarding events such as the US Open, High Cascade Snowboard Camp, the Grand Prix Series, the Winter Gravity Games, The Session and the 2002 Olympic Superpipe.

Planet also manufactures a line of modular stainless steel and aluminum tools designed specifically for jump building and snow resort maintenance. The product line includes Snow Shovels & Rakes, Snowpark Rails, Work-Benches, Racing Gates, Display Racks & Display Cases.