Danny Larsen, Hooked. PHOTO: Ludschi

For 9 years now, the Pirates have been slowly mapping a course to pillage and plunder around the world. Starting their journey in Europe they have now decided to take North America by storm. As Pirates do they will take this mission on their own, distributing and selling their ArtBook/Snowboard film from a small strong hold in Denver, CO.


That is one epicly motley crüe.

Since the start the Pirates have been distributing their own products in Europe and decided it only made since to continue with this tactic in the US. Pirate ArtDirector Ludschi had this to say “We are really excited to make a move to the US and get the ArtBook out on our own terms. This way we can make sure our efforts are being properly represented”.

The Pirates strive for ultimate creativity each year with their ArtBook\DVD combo and you can find this same creativity put into their marketing plans for the upcoming year. Newly appointed Pirate Travis Limoge will be handling sales and marketing in the US here is his take on the move to the US “We really want to concentrate on connecting one on one with the shops and consumers and have created some really exciting web contest and event ideas for the upcoming season. I am stoked to carry on the Pirates tradition of in house distribution in the US which gives us the freedom to set our own rules.”
The first web contest is up and running right now the Pirates are calling this series of contests the “Core Store Battle” Vol 1 being the Digital Entertainment wars. Check out www.pirate-movie-prodcution.com <http://www.pirate-movie-prodcution.com> for more details on upcoming contests and events as well as tons of photos, videos, rider profiles and the new teaser for “HOOKED”.

If you are interested in carrying the new Pirate film “HOOKED” in your shop or cant find the “Hooked” in your local shop but would like to get your hands one contact nadistribution@pirate-movie-production.com AAARRRGGGHHH!