Pirates HOOKED World Premiere!


The evening started off at the Tyrolian Bauernkeller where we met up with friends and family for dinner. Meat was the call since we were about to charge it hard that night. All the Scandies in our crew already had it going and were pumped to go mental later on. We were heading to Hafen VAZ where i-SHiNe kicked off the event with mellow groovy vibes. The movie started and all 1,750 visitors saw HOOKED the first time on 3 big screens. People seemed to like our work and sent acoustic high 5’s up on stage. Up there were most of the riders and production members including Hans and Halldor hugging and falling half naked…well, this was the kick off for the second part of the night! Trouble Andrew and his gang came all the way from NYC to rock`n pop the house and shit went wild…





The Innsbrook party Monsters WaxWreckaz finished people off with playing danceable bangers until sun rise. Thanks for coming by!

And this was just the beginning – see you at the next tour stops!