Pipeside With Stacey Burke

Interview by Natasza Zurek

Besides being my hero for interviewing her friend, fellow Canadian, and Morrow rider Stacey Burke for us, Natasza was also Stacey's and Lori Glazier's hero for being their tech support in a slower than slow pipe. Nat's wax job's allowed Lori to qualify fifth with Stacey ending up tied for eighth.

Unfortunately, like Danny Kass in the men's division who had tied for fifteenth, the judges looked at the tied rider's overall impression scores as a tie breaker, knocking both Stacey and Danny out of the finals.–Leah Jones

NZ: You just had a really good run. I helped you out with some wax. Did it really help you out?

SB: Nat, you're the technician. I was having a totally hard time, struggling and then you hooked me up.

NZ: I'm glad that you did good. Look you're in second now. Who are some of your favorites for this event?

SB: I'm not sure. Shannon's Dunn riding really good. You always rip.

NZ: Thanks.

NZ: You want to stay in Canada a lot more these days. What's the reason?

SB: My boyfriend lives in Whistler, and I love it up there riding powder and the park with him. It's super fun.

NZ: Boyfriend's are a real good reason to stay where you're staying. Does your boyfriend push you?

SB: Yeah, he's an awesome rider and he's pushing me all the time. He tells me to go big and to spin. I have to spin, 'cause that's what it takes to win. And he'll learn tricks with me and stuff.

NZ: Does he help you out in competition, make you fell less nervous, or help you get your mental frame of mind more together?

SB: He just encourages me and tells me that I can do it. But I learn more of those types of things from my friends who have competed a lot. He gets mad when he doesn't win, so he doesn't compete as much as he should. I like learning from you and Michele and my friends who compete all the time.

NZ: Michele's definitely a good person to talk to about that kind of stuff. She's always readily available to give out good advice. So, Stacey, I've noticed that you have green eyes, and a lot of other female competitors in snowboarding have green eyes, like Tara and Tina.

SB: And you. We all love snowboarding and are creative and a little bit different and green eyes are a little different and that makes a difference.

NZ: I wonder what proportion of pro snowboarders have what color of eyes? Like I wonder how many have green eyes as oppossed to how many have blue eyes and if having a certain color of eyes dictates whether they perform better or not. I doubt it, but it would be interesting to find out.

SB: It would be interesting.

NZ: Next you're going to the Goodwill Games. What are the other events you are going to do this season?

SB: The Goodwill Games and then back to Tahoe for the Vans Triple Crown, then to Park City, the ISF in Stohenem, the U.S. Open, and then home.

NZ: Do you like riding pipe, or park, or big air best?

SB: Right now I like pipe the best. I want to concentrate on pipe going into the Olympics, but after that I want to concentrate way more on park and I love freeriding and riding powder, too.

NZ: Especially in Whistler.

SB: Yeah.