Ten lucky shredders who filled out the 2001 Park and Pipe Survey andgot it in on time are going to be riding new boards this season. Scanthe list, and if you see your name, e-mail the Editor of the 2002Snowboard Travel Guide (Kurt Hoy) at kurt@twsnet.com. He’s already gotyour address for shipping you the product, but we want to make sure youget the right size board, so don’t lag. Then e-mail this link to allyour friends to rub it their faces¿all they had to do was fill out alittle form!

Boards provided by these cool companies: Chorus, Forum, K2, M3, Morrow,Nidecker, Original Sin, Rossignol, Salomon, and Sims.


1. Logan Ames. Beaverton, Oregon. Age: 16
2. Arthur Dubinsky. Redondo Beach, California. Age: 15
3. Joe Woldt. Phoenix, Arizona. Age: 14
4. Will Myrick. Rahway, New Jersey. Age: 29
5. Eric Edmunds. Twin Falls, Idaho. Age: 16
6. Eric Rude. Florida. Age: 27
7. Jared Cooper. Northfield, Minnesota. Age: 17
8. Scott Euriquez. Hyattsville, Maryland. Age: 21
9. Melissa Sears. La Mirada, California. Age: 19
10. Lyny Briden. Malibu, California. Age: 35