Photo Atlas/TW Contest

No, Not Me, Never
(Stolen Transmission/Morning After Records)

They say a watched pot never boils. For The Photo Atlas, Stolen Transmission’s Denver-based dance-punk phenoms, this couldn’t be more true, or more advantageous. Nestled away from the prying eyes of New York’s shoe-gazing hipsters and LA’s burgeoning scene, Denver, CO doesn’t exactly have the national rep as a hotbed of indie-rock heroics. And so, The Photo Atlas’ explosive blend of machine-gun guitar percussives, brit-rock danceability and punk rock urgency comes ripping out of seemingly nowhere on their debut album No, Not Me, Never, set to hit stores on March 6, 2007.

On No, Not Me, Never – a joint release with Morning After Records – The Photo Atlas’ Alan Andrews (vocal/guitar), Bill Threlkeld III (guitar), Mark Hawkins (bass) and Devon Shirley (drums/sampling) draw on the staccato energy and powerful dynamics of Fugazi, the off-kilter, proggy changes and pained, plaintive vocals of At the Drive-In, and the straightforward drive of Bloc Party to create a frenzied, blistering, often paranoid noise. But one that you can dance to.

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