Phillips & Oneill Headphone Collaborations



Warmond, The Netherlands- Philips and O’Neill are proud to introduce 'The Bend’ and 'The Stretch Scratch’ headphones. Uniting Philips’ innovative technologies in sound with O’Neill’s expertise in youth lifestyle and action sports, these new super-durable styles are designed to last no matter what you put them through.

The Phillips x O'Neill Bend Headphone.

The Phillips x O'Neill Bend Headphone.

The Bend’ is the newest model in the range, serving up deep, dynamic bass and a super-tough construction that is built to resist the physical demands of even the toughest action sports athletes. Featuring a low-profile design that closely follows the contours of your head, the headband is made from the same material as the toughest snow goggles for extra resilience. And when the headphones do get subjected to heavy impacts or a fall, the safe-release cans disengage safely rather than breaking under pressure like most other headphones. Once you’ve picked yourself up and dusted yourself off, simply snap the cans back into place on the headband and keep on charging.

The face of ‘The Bend’, and the new Tested on Animals campaign will be renowned professional snowboarder Sebastien Toutant, aka Seb Toots. Since he came onto the international snowboard scene as a young teenager, Seb has been on a one-man mission to change the world of freestyle snowboarding every time he straps in. Armed with one of the most fearsome arsenal of tricks in the game, including every double cork 12 variation in the book, the 19-year-old French Canadian rider has won some of the biggest contests in snowboarding including the 2011 Winter X Games Slopestyle event, 2011 O’Neill Evolution, and the 2010 Oakley Air & Style. And come this winter, he has his sights fixed firmly on capturing his first overall Swatch TTR title.

The Phillips X O'Neill Stretch Headphone

The Phillips X O'Neill Stretch Headphone

''The Stretch Scratch’ headphone is the newest member of The Stretch headphone family. Just like its fellow Stretch headphones, they also provide dynamic sound quality and feature a super-flexible TR55LX headband that twists and bends in every direction. The fabric headphone cable is the best there is when it comes to resisting tension force, and its anti-tangle design means you’ll never have to hit pause mid-adventure to untangle wires. There’s a brand new aesthetic effect, with the headphone cans’ overcoat color designed to wear away gradually over time, just like the underside of a well-used skateboard. There’s no better way to remember the knocks and scratches you pick up over time.

Philips | O\Neill have brought on women’s professional surfer Malia Manuel as the ambassador for the ‘The Stretch Scratch’ headphones, and newest addition to the Tested on Animals team. Hailing from the surfer’s paradise of Hawaii, this insanely talented 18-year-old has rapidly evolved into one of the most fluid and powerful surfers of her generation. Balancing her competitive streak by freesurfing all over the globe, Malia charges hard every time she paddles out, paying her dues all in the name of progression. Her unshakeable sense of determination and uncompromising style in the water are a perfect match for the new headphones.

No matter how heavy the action gets, you can count on both 'The Bend’ and 'The Stretch Scratch’ headphones to stay firmly in place thanks to a stretchable construction that fits snugly around your head. Super-soft ear cushions, meanwhile, pave the way for you to wear them in total comfort for hours on end while enjoying breathtaking sound, safe in the knowledge they have been designed to withstand even the most brutal physical punishment.

In addition to being put through the toughest conditions by Seb and Malia, the new headphones have also been tested all over the world by a selection of the toughest action sports team riders, withstanding howling winds, freezing temperatures and high impact crashes along the way. So no matter how many slams you take, you can rely on your Philips O’Neill headphones to deliver the soundtrack you need to keep you out there longer.