Peter Peru’s Adventure Filmmaking School

There is a new program being offered. If you have a digital video camera, are an expert skier, snowboarder or free heel enthusiast, willing to do some hiking for your turns, learn some backcountry skills and wish the know how to make adventure movies, this school is for you. Peter Chrzanowski, a veteran, award winning, extreme filmmaker of 25 years experience, a full DGC (Director’s Guild of Canada) member is offering an intensive one week extreme filmmaking workshop at Canada’s newest Ski Resort, Kickinghorse, British Columbia. See

Not only will students get to discover shredding North America’s newest big ski development, but while at it they will enjoy some of the best skiing and boarding in North America. Kickinghorse boasts a brand spanking new eight passenger 4200ft (1400meters) vertical gondola in just 12 minutes. Your days will be spent dividing into small groups of two or three students at a time, and led by Chrzanowski (Peter Peru is his nickname) venture into some of the best powder terrain on this planet. The program is also being marketed as an ESL or English as second language course

Kickinghorse already has a reputation for some of the best powder snow on earth. It is also already dubbed as “The La Grave of North America” with a state of the art gondola accessing acres of easily reachable virgin snow terrain. By day you will hone your camera skills as well as directing and working with action talent. By evening you will learn some basics of making that footage really pay off. You will learn some basic filmmaking theory, scripting/storyline procedures, then it’s off to edit a film out of the week’s footage from everyone material. But that’s not all. The rest of the time you are also viewing and critiquing other films, listen to guest industry experts and learn the entire business from pre-production, production to marketing and distribution.

And if that is not enough, Kickinghorse is located in Golden BC , which is also only an hours drive eastward from Rogers Pass and the same distance westward from Lake Louise and the majestic Canadian Rockies. Customized trips can therefore venture into some of Canada’s best backcountry mountain terrain.

Whether your interest lies in training for larger 2nd unit shoots on feature films, becoming an outdoor DOP , writing, producing or directing your own films, from short dramas to adventure documentaries, or just learning the ropes in becoming an action model, this course is for you.

This is also an excellent opportunity to learn English as a second language, in a fun and healthy environment. Both trendy conversational English as well as more sophisticated, technically film related dialogue will be covered in the course and corrected by Peter, who holds a degree in Communications from Simon Frazer University. He speaks four languages being fluent in French, Spanish, Polish and English

Sessions start mid February through April 1st 2003 in Golden and . April 15 through June 1st in Whistler. Space is limited. For some background see or contact . tel. 604-813-2200 The website being rebuilt specifically for the project will be