Pesko and Crepel Win FIS World Championships

FIS Snowboard World Championships Arosa 2007

Manuela Laura Pesko and Mathieu Crepel take World Championships Halfpipe Gold

With today’s Halfpipe contest, the 7th FIS Snowboard World Championships in Arosa, Switzerland,ended. The last titles before 7.850 spectators were taken by Manuela Laura Pesko (SUI) and MathieuCrepel (FRA). In an absolutely exciting ladies’ final, Pesko (43.1) relegated Soko Yamaoka (JPN,43.0) and Paulina Ligocka (42.9) from Poland to the second and third rank. On the men’s side, thewith two Gold medals most successful rider of the 2007 World Championships Mathieu Crepel (46.7)was accompanied on the podium by Kazuhiro Kokubo (JPN, 46.6) and Brad Martin (CAN, 43.3).Thus, Poland and Japan were able to celebrate the first World Championships medals.

Mathieu Crepel never had expected to also win the Halfpipe competition after he took home Gold inyesterday’s Big Air, especially with a lead of only 0.1 points today: “It’s incredible. Since theOlympics I didn’t ride a Halfpipe until January. I never expected to end up that good. Before theWorld Championships, I wasn’t sure if I should start here but now I’m glad that I made the rightdecision.

Manuela Laura Pesko said after the final: “I felt such a pressure, so I couldn’t sleep at all last night. Inaddition, my stomach was going crazy, too. I was totally nervous. The new champion added: “Thatwas the best moment in my life. It’s amazing to stand at the start knowing that you have won already —especially when the crowd is perfect, too.

Paulina Ligocka was all smiles because of the first ever World Championships medal for Poland: “I’mtotally happy. I wasn’t expecting this result. So, I’m glad that my run worked out.

After he had missed Gold only by 0.1 points, Kazuhiro Kokubo said: “Of course I’m disappointed butMathieu was riding super good today. In the end, I’m pleased with the Silver medal.