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Perisher Resort Reaps the Benefits of ‘Blizzard of Oz’

While those of us stuck in the Northern Hemisphere are busy trying to stay cool by sucking down cold ones, or blasting the AC, those fortunate enough be in the Southern Hemisphere have been busy getting after plenty of pow.

At Perisher Resort in Australia, several storms have blanketed the mountain with pristine pow. Over three feet (100cm) of snow has plummeted from the sky since the storm began earlier this week.

Nate Johnstone getting cozy in the fluff.

Stale Sandbeck, Marcus Kleveland, and a heap of other riders are there partaking face shots, and also getting a head-start on their olympic training.

All 47 Perisher's lifts are up and running, giving access to well-over 100 runs along with plenty of park features.

Adam Lambert milking his way through the fresh.

If these photos have given you a little bit of FOMO, just wait ’til you see what Stale and Marcus have been getting into. Videos dropping soon. 

Creamy and dreamy.

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