Paul Mitchell American Snowboard Tour Dowd Blows Away the Field in the Boarder Cross

Never to old to teach the kids a trick or two, 35-year-old Dave Dowd edged Jason Troth to win the BoarderCross even at the American Snowboard Tour’s first stop the Snowmass Open.

“It’s all about getting the holeshot,” said Dowd. “You’ve got to get out front and stay there.”

The BoarderCross nearly got called off when wind gusting at speeds up to 50 miles per hour began stripping the course if banners, the start shack and the announcers stand. Winds created such a mess that The Burlingame lift (the one the took riders to the top of the course) had to be evacuated by ski patrol. Everyone on the lift was lowered to the ground in harnesses. Because the lift went directly over the course, the race could not be started until everyone one off the lift. Finally at close to 2:30 the event began. The Snowmass BoarderCross course was short and ugly. It featured a steep start that slammed four riders into a quick left to right berm section, over a table to flat around a triple S turn, over another jump, through some whoops and one last jump to the finish. Though the resort had gotten nearly two feet of snow in the last three days, there wasn1t much to build the course with and dirt and rocks began showing through during the morning qualifiers. Because of the time constraints the men’s qualifying field of 32 was cut to 16 and racing began with the quarter finals. In the first round Dave Dowd, Jason Troth, Cooper Hall and Kevin Blagys all won there heats. Strangely enough that was exactly how they would finish in the finals.

At 4:00 PM the men1s final began. Jason Troth got the hole shot and was leading the pack into the four turn when he lost an edge. “I sat,” Troth said. “I was coming into the corner and the thing was wrecked there were rocks and dirt showing and I sat. Dave took the high line and rent right around me. I was on his tail in another turn but I couldn’t get him.”

Once Dowd got out in front there was no stopping him. He took it to the finish line to finish in first place; his second podium finish in as many days. On Friday he finished second to X Games Champ Shaun Palmer at the MTV BoarderCross at Bear Mountain. Directly following that competition he hopped a flight and made it to Snowmass. “You don1t even want to know,” Dave said about his travel nightmare. “I took a three hour bus to LAX, caught a flight that got rerouted through Phoenix. Got the last flight to Denver. Got in my car, drove straight here. I parked in my friend1s guest parking spot, slept for three hours in the car, and got up to the race course.”

The technical course was hard on the women. Most of the riders crashed at least once in each run. In several heats all four riders went down in the first turn. It became a race of who could get untangled and get back on their boards the fastest. In the end Allison Bogacki beat out Guen Foster, Shana Wilson, and Jules Quint to take first place.

Baring any cruel acts of Mother Nature, the American Snowboard Tour will continue with the halfpipe on Sunday.