Patrick McCarthy Added To Drake/Northwave Pro Roster

Riding for Northwave/Drake for the last 4 years on the AM team, Patrick McCarthy moves up the chain to join Northwave/Drake’s Pro Team for 06/07. Born and raised in the Washington premises, Patrick is a well renowned Washington rider and currently a Mt. Baker local. Not new to the scene, Pat’s been doing his homework which include last year’s hits in: Neoproto’s Some Kinda Life, SoundStraight Productions The Temple 2, ThinkThankProductions Cue the Birds, TransWorld Team Challenge DVD. Along with coverage in TransWorld, Snowboard and Frequency Magazines.

Being an avid snowboarder for the past 16 years, Patrick has honed his backcountry skills to allow him to get shots off pretty much any type of terrain. And… with all the snow that we’ve been getting here in the North West early season, he’s already out filming and stacking shots for this years up coming film “People. Nothin’ better than starting this year off right with some good NW snow after a drought of epic proportions last year.

Bringing his own personality and character to the team, Patrick makes the perfect fit for Northwave Family. He has a super laid-back attitude, with high roller, “in your face aura and powerful backcountry riding style. Although he can kill it in a park, get photos published from the pipe, he definitely owns it and feels most on top of his game in the backcountry. The current Pro team consists of: Mikey Leblanc, Priscilla Levac, Matty Ryan, Shayne Pospisil, Jeff Pepperdine, Michael Goldschmidt, Chanelle Sladics, Hans Ahlund, Gian Simmons, Dado Buvoli and now, we welcome, Patrick McCarthy.