BROOKLYN PARK, MN. (June 13, 2003) Redefining all mountain riding to thenext level, Palmer is shipping a limited number of its newesttechnology-packed products to exclusive retailers.

Fit for a king or queen, the Palmer Crown board sets a new standard for realtechnology at a premium price.

The new Palmer Crown features a 3D Circle design with Titanium inlays,Carbon, see through Nomex? honeycomb in a NCF prepreg fiberglassconstruction including a 3-layer polyamid topsheet, ABS sidewalls, andultrasonically inlaid 7200 stone ground graphite base.

Unlike aluminum or paper, Nomex honeycomb core is ten times lighter thanwood and is not affected by moisture or corrosion. Titanium in combinationwith Carbon gives the board great torsional stiffness, unmatched stabilityand performance, while 3D design reduces weight and further improves overallperformance.

The new PLS Shock, another Palmer innovation which increases leverage andthus more power and quicker control to the edges with less rider fatigue,uses dual density technology to further reduce vibration, fatigue, andprotect the rider against impact injuries.

“I started riding the PLS and my halfpipe skills improved right away”,claims World Cup champion Andy Finch. “I have size 11 feet which is whereyou can start having problems with toe drag. Fat boards don©Ë†t ride as well,so when I put the PLS onto a skinnier board, I stopped edging out and wasable to boost bigger airs. The PLS is also great for little kids or womenwho are looking to improve their riding; It©Ë†s not just for big footers,”continued Finch.

Palmer Snowboards is an authentic snowboard brand founded in 1995 by legendShaun Palmer, who was named “Extreme Sports Athlete of the Year” by USAToday in 1998. Palmer built the newest, most state-of-the-art snowboardspecific factory in the world and still remains the innovation leader.Pioneering lightweight honeycomb, cap sidewall, inlaid bases, real 3Dconstructions and the Power Link System (U.S. Pat. 6,505,841), PalmerSnowboards have lowest rate of warranty return and the highest rate ofrider confidence based purely on technical excellence.