Palmer Team Update

PORTLAND, OR (September 2, 2003) There were quite few Palmer riders bouncing around Mt. Hood at summer camp this year and if you don’t know them already, we thought you might like to get the low down on this highly talented crew.

Brandon Ruff can usually be found out on his sled in the Utah backcountry.His skill and consistency on a backcountry jump is almost untouched byanyone in the snowboarding world. Brandon goes huge off of anything that isput in front of him and Ruffian pulls shit off cliffs that most peoplewouldn’t try off a small booter on a powder day. If you haven’t had a chanceto ride with this geek, check out his part in Absinthe Film’s fall release,Saturation.

Andy Finch is a rider who has dominated the contest circuit for the past 2years. Andy rides a pipe like nobody’s business. There are few riders outthere that can tear up a U jump like Finch can. Huge crippler 1080’s and900’s and sky-high mctwists make up an average run in the pipe for Andy. Atone contest this past season Andy threw nothing but overhead inverts all theway down the pipe. On kickers, Andy throws himself off at full speed,usually catching only the last few feet of a landing. His power and skillmake him one of the most progressive riders out there today. Andy’s part inthis year’s Straitjacket films Daily Dose should not be missed.

Abe Teter is known for going huge. His tall, lanky, and incredibly powerfulstyle has earned him many a photo in the snowboarding magazines garneringhim a top ten spot on Transworld’s exposure meter for the past two years.Abe’s attention to style and the truly fun aspects of being a snowboarderreflect in his riding and have given way to an amazing board called theShape, which is one of the most fun to ride freestyle boards outthere. Abe has been working a lot with Straitjacket films this year socheck out his part when it comes out this fall.

Elijah Teter is the little brother of Abe, but he’s really been giving him arun for his money as a snowboarder. Elijah’s been killing it on the contestcircuit and has just been nominated to the US snowboarding team along sidehis shredder sister Hannah Teter, who has been making both of her brotherssweat it in this sibling rivalry. Elijah steps on board the Palmer pro teamas a stand up guy who loves snowboarding more than anything in the world.He is so stoked to be part of the movement to progress snowboarding andPalmer is so stoked to have a rider like him helping to take them to thenext level.

Mason Aguirre is the newest member of the Palmer squad. Mason is 15, andcurrently resides in Mammoth CA with his parents and sister, Molly, who isalso a Palmer team rider. Mason kills it on anything. Whether it be agiant kicker, huge kinked rail, or in the halfpipe, 15-year-old Mason throwsdown as hard as any top pro shred out there. His style and skill are sureto make Mason a household name in the near future. Watch out for this kid.

The Palmer girls are a truly talented group of riders. These fine youngladies have a lot more going for them than just a pretty face. LindseyJacobelis is 17 years old, and can go bigger in the pipe than a lot of guysout there. For just an idea of the skill this gal’s got: on here last dayon the hill in Hood this summer she learned a crippler 9 in only a couple oftries. Chanelle Sladic is from Newport Beach, CA. This girl can tear upmost any rail you put in front of her. Chanelle is also a great surfer andskater. Watch out for her part in this years Smith video. Tori CarriganKoski is 17, out of Streamboat, CO. She goes huge in the pipe, slays rails,and can hit most kickers you put in front of her. Molly Aguirre is Mason’ssister. She kills it on everything. She’ll be training on the US team andtearing things up on the contest circuit all winter.

Also, Palmer would like to give a big thanks to all the campers who showedup at High Cascade this summer and took part in the Palmer Renegade Sessionand all of the other events they hellped us bring to the table. Fun was hadby all, indeed.

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