Shaun Palmer, the most widely recognized BoarderCross racer in the world, has chosen the New Mountain High to develop a signature terrain park and BoarderCross track. Fresh off his first place wins in the ESPN X-Games, MTV Snowed In, and Swatch World BoarderCross events, the Palmer name has never been more powerful and the resort could not be more excited about the union.

“We chose the New Mountain High because we like the direction they are going with snowboarding,” says Bob Klein, Palmer sales manager. “Their recent growth has shocked the market and will help bring positive attention to our name while the mountain’s terrain is aptly suited to our park designs.”

The appropriately titled Palmer X Park, created in conjunction with the area’s Faultline terrain park at the West Resort, will contain a number of flowing, inline features with two separate lines for both beginner and advanced riders. The Palmer X Course will be located on Conquest, also at the West Resort, providing a perfect venue for training and televised competition. All terrain features will be developed and managed by the resort’s own park designed, professional snowboarder Todd Melinn.

“Being associated with the greatest rider in the world is fantastic to us,” states New Mountain High’s Director of Marketing Brad Wilson. “It lends credibility to our terrain program and helps us convey our commitment to snowboarding.”

The Palmer X Park is representative of a new style of riding which is fluid and fast paced. It includes a variety of man-made obstacles from easy drops to big airs, but as opposed to existing parks, all the features are connected or inline, allowing a continuous flow. This not only creates better riders but also raises the level of park safety because guests are less likely to stop after each hit. In addition, the New Mountain High offers two lines--one for beginners and one for advanced riders, as well as fenced perimeters to prevent riders from dropping in mid course. The Palmer X Park will operate as one section of the resort’s existing Faultline terrain park.

Take the Palmer X Park, make the obstacles bigger and shoot four riders from the starting gate at the top, and you have the Palmer X Course. This permanent track is open to all guests who wish to ride a world-class course, plus it will act as the venue for all the resort’s BoarderCross events including the widely attended USASA Friday Night BoarderCross Series.

As Shaun has shown in the recent ESPN X Games, the Palmer X parks cater to the new ski culture as well. The New Mountain High welcomes all levels of freestyle and freeride skiers who love halfpipe, huge airs, and big mountain terrain.

As number one in BoarderCross, the Palmer name represents authenticity and respect. The extreme sports, cutting-edge image of Shaun and the Palmer brand bring a very special coolness factor to the resort that guarantees success of the development not only with Generation X, but with the media. And because the Palmer name is recognized outside of snowboaarding, it will help draw attention from other crossover markets such an mountain biking, BMX, and motocross.