Own A Piece Of The Mammoth Brothers Skate Park

The Brothers Skate Park in Mammoth is set to be a world-class park with approximately 22,OOO—29,000 square feet of bowls and street skating. The park is located in the Trail End Park on Meridian and will be free for all community members and visitors. It should be completed by August 2005.

The park has been generously supported by Volcom, Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, The Town of Mammoth Lakes, Mammoth County Water District, Burton, Oakley, Transworld Snowboarding , Boost Mobile, Wave Rave, The Tony Hawk Foundation, and has received contributions of over $400,000 from the snowboarding and skateboarding community. The Brothers Skate Park is now asking for your support in its final phase by buying a piece of the park. Your donation of $35 or $250 will fund the building of one foot to one yard of the park and your name will be placed in the donor recognition entry way. For further information contact Ken Baer at the Mammoth Lakes Foundation 1-760-934-3781 or email ken@mammothlakesfoundation.org.

Please Support Brothers Skate Park and buy piece of the park!
Jane, Ken, and Billy–JLA Fund

Print this out and send in the form below to contribute:
I would like to support Brothers Skate Park and buy a piece of the park.
I would like to buy:
____ $35.00 One Foot (One name)
____ $75.00 Two feet (Two names)
____ $150.00 Four Feet (Family name)
____ $250.00 A Yard (Business Name)
____ $1,000-$5,000 (customized paver in the park).

Name _____________________________________________Address ___________________________________________ __________________________________________________Phone _____________________________________________Visa # ______________________________ Exp. __________Signature __________________________________________Name or very short message to be placed on the paver ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
(Remember – please keep it short and simple!)
Or Make Checks to Mammoth Lakes Foundation —JLA Fund
I would like a receipt for my donation ________.
For further information contact Ken Baer @ 934-3781 or email Ken@mammothlakesfoundation.org