Ovan Eyewear Introduces the Ptarmigan Goggle

Ovan Eyewear has issued a limited release of the snowboard industry’s newest goggle “The Ptarmigan.”

Designed by Ovan founder and snowboard legend Bjorn Leines, The Ptarmigan combines decades of experience with state of the art materials and first hand production experience from the California based headquarters. Named after the artic dwelling bird that adapts to stay seasonably camouflaged in snowy areas, The Ptarmigan features an entirely new technology developed by Ovan focused on the brand ethos of performance and style.

Customize any component of The Ptarmigan by using Ovan's patent pending R.A.D system, standing for Rapid Adaptive Design. Match your style, or match the conditions by using the R.A.D system to change a lens, strap, or even frame in seconds! All Ptarmigan goggles come equipped with a feather light 1.8oz frame, 2 optically true OC274 Lenses, core support, weather lock seal, active hydrophobic venting, triple layer hypoallergenic foam, and bonus travel case.
View the entire collection at www.ovaneyewear.com or Follow @Ovaneyewear for more details. Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0U_8c7K5czk