Out There Photo Exhibit

On October 17th, a wine and cheese gala launched the latest exhibit at the
world renowned Whyte Museum in Banff, Alberta Canada.

Out There Adventure Photography is an exhibition of contemporary photography documenting people¹s travels and adventures in the Canadian Rockies.

Mark Gallup is one of the featured photographers in this exhibit. Framed
side by side with other adventure photographers such as Pat and Baiba
Morrow, Will Gadd, Chic Scott, Sharon Wood (first Canadian women to climb
Everest), Barry Blanchard and Bob Sandford. All Banff and Rocky Mountain

You may not have heard of all of them, but you know their photography and
amazing adventures documented in mountain journals the world over.

Attached is your personal invite to the exhibit next time your in the Banff
area. As well as a few samples of Mark’s images on display.

… In a packed room, Curator and Director Craig Richards read this
statement to a crowd of Banff’s social elite and the who's who of Canadian
Mountain Culture. Quoted from an e-mail sent to him from Mark Gallup.

… "I’ve partied in Las Lenas like it was 1999 (and, come to think of it,
it was 1999); taken a piss on countless peaks that have never seen a human
foot print; bellied up to a Bell 407 in Belle Coola; shit my pants in
France; jigged when I should have jagged in Japan; felt pain in Spain; gone
the wrong way in Norway, well, you get the idea. But like the fable of
Dorothy and her fuzzy sidekick Toto, Once and awhile, I like to click my
heels 3 times and repeat over and over again, "There’s no place like home."