By John Graham

The current phenomenon of snowboarding video premiers in local territories is on the rise. It seems that creating some hype for a promising winters is more then just a trend. It is now a way to help our fellow Americans. With the tragic lose of thousands of our country’s brothers and sisters in the WTC terrorist attack, the treat of war is eminent. But what can we as snowboarders do?

Well that’s easy. Throw a video premier in the name of charity. Which is exactly what Out of Bounds Board Shops of Western Nevada did this September, by calling on all of their fellow snowboarders and industry players alike to come out and give in a way that only boarders can. They locked down the Pioneer Theater in Reno as the star venue. Then brought in some of this season’s hottest snowboard videos and gave away as much free product as possible.

As the first clips of the Technine-sponsored Out of Bounds team video were slapped up on the silver screen, the attendance multiplied. A line of snow-crazed fans stretched out the entrance and around the corner of the theater. After the warm-up video came to a close, Eric Robie, owner of Out of Bounds Board Shops, hit the stage.

There was no doubt that Eric was having the time of his life. The crowd was stoked to see the talent that Robie had assembled for his team video. Team riders like Mikey Orlick, Ernie Peachay, Kevin Straned, and Ryan Hansen where a great indication that the Out of Bounds Team is coming in hot. The night seemed to unfold snag free. Robie, fueled by an obvious itch for winter, announced what was on the menu for the evening, along with the list raffle prizes. The sale of raffle tickets climbed as the buzz of where the proceeds were going spread threw the core crowd. To keep the energy up, Robie gave out a pair of Technine Team Edition bindings along with other great prizes during the first break. That was enough foreplay for the ongoers as movie fans turned to the raffle ticket table and dug deep for more than just one chance to win some snowboarding goods.

“This event is about helping out our fellow countrymen by giving to the Red Cross,” announced Robie. Once back in their seats gripping a hand full of tickets and maybe a cocktail or two, the headline videos came with much anticipation.

First up was “The Empire” by Xodus Productions. This follow-up to the hit “Hi-Fi” was proof that Torey Piro has more than just great filming up his sleeve. The riding talent was on hit, the soundtrack was tight, and the editing was seamless.

Not to mention Empire-sponsor Atlantis Snowboards was present with pro rider and one of “The Empire” stars, Vic Lowrwnce. Just after the conclusion of “The Empire”, Robie grabbed the mike, hit the stage again, and gave away more of what most came for¿product. It seemed as though most everyone was getting his or her raffle money back by way of prizes. Product from Out of Bounds, Atlantis Snowboards, Technine Bindings, Osiris, Von Zipper, M6, Gnu, Lib, Ride, Burton, and others was dulled out all evening.

Industry Sales Reps John Graham of Atlantis Snowboards and Technine Bindings, Ken Reid of Osiris, Eric Wallis of M6, Todd Matye of Von Zipper, Chris Berger of Ride, and of course Ian Tosh of Burton where also on hand to witness the room full of snowboarders getting ramped up for winter.

Headline video number-two, “Stand & Deliver” and video number-three, “True Life”, rolled on while the intermissions where crammed packed with the Out-of-Bounds posse giving out what was left of raffle prizes. As the last Atlantis snowboard found its owner and the rest of the M6 product flew threw the air, Robie announced the after-party location, which is when the true xodus occurred. Then as taxis filled and ongoers trickling out of the theater, it was obvious that not only did people come to see their heroes stomp out the latest tricks, but also to support the country they love. God bless America.