Option-NFA launches new Web site.

Vancouver BC, Option-NFA Inc. (CDNX:OPN), is stoked to announce that its 2004 – 2005 websites are up and running. Websites for both Option Snowboards and NFA Clothing are up and running so you can get an early preview of all the goods before they hit the stores this fall!! To say the least the websites are looking fresh!!

New to the sites are the new “Claimers” section in which users can upload photos of themselves onto our website to claim bragging rights that they are on the website. Of course these photos are approved by us before going up on the site. So email all your friends and start uploading you best shots!! Another feature is Trustkill Radio which features bands from the rising hardcore label, Trustkill records. So you can rock out while you are checking out the new sites, or if rocking out is not your style you can opt to shut off the TK radio. You can also download select MP3’s from bands like Poison the Well, and Armsbendback, and you can buy the albums if you so choose.

The new team page features up to date video of all the team riders as well as new interviews and bios to keep you in the loop to what our riders like to eat and where they prefer to ride.

Product pages are in depth providing you all the technical info and sizing info you need to pick you next outfit, new board set up, or something new to wear to accessorize your Option Snowboards and NFA collection!! You can also register your Option board or binding warranty online.

So go to the new sites and check it out and don’t forget to sign up for the “In the Loop” newsletter which will be delivered to your inbox monthly so you can get updates on all Option Snowboards and NFA happenings across the globe!!