O’Neill Launches GPS Jacket


O'Neill Global HQ – Warmond, The Netherlands – January 5, 2008 – O'Neill is proud to announce the highly anticipated in-store launch of the NavJacket: a high performance Gore-Tex® snow jacket featuring an integrated GPS navigation tool.

The product of an inspired partnership between the H Division (O'Neill's Wearable Electronics Department) and Tracker – the innovative positioning expert with more than 30 years' experience in the field of tracking and navigation – the NavJacket marks the beginning of a new era of personal, on-snow navigation.

Featuring an integrated GPS unit and LCD sleeve display, the NavJacket utilizes advanced Tracker MyWay navigation technology, empowering the wearer to navigate a pre-defined route through the mountains via a series of selected waypoints. With interactive maps for more than 590 ski resorts across Europe and the United States available to download from www.navjacket.com , users have the freedom to explore the world's best resorts as part of their routes, including specific points of interest. Users can also choose to share and exchange routes with other members of the NavJacket's online community.

By connecting the GPS unit to an internet-enabled mobile phone, users can create, edit and select new routes, waypoints and tagpoints while out on the mountain. The NavJacket also boasts a handy friend-finder feature, allowing the wearer to track and follow GPS-enabled friends on a map of the resort displayed on the mobile phone. In addition to the GPS navigation and tracking features, the NavJacket also displays a range of statistics and information including speed, distance, altitude and in-depth details about selected routes.

Speaking ahead of the in-store launch, O'Neill Global Marketing Director Eppo van Berckelaer said: "We're extremely proud to offer our consumers such an innovative product which reflects O'Neill's ability to develop solutions that enhance the rider experience. Working with Tracker Softwear Inc has been a great opportunity which enabled us to push our levels of innovation in a direction never before ventured into."

Janne Maijala, Chairman of Tracker Software Inc. is equally excited about the partnership and end result, saying: "We're very pleased to partner with O'Neill in this ambitious project. The NavJacket has provided us with an opportunity to leverage our vast expertise in GPS and mobile technology, and to apply it in a number of ways that have never been undertaken before. We see this as a great opportunity to strengthen what is still a young brand – MyWay – alongside one of the world's leading brands."

The NavJacket is in stores now! To find out more about this next generation product and to locate your nearest NavJacket retailer, simply navigate your way to: www.navjacket.com.