Oakley Style Masters Riders List Complete

Beijing, China—The 12-man line up for the first snowboard event in China with riders from USA, Europe and Asia was done today. The massive, 10- meter quarterpipe in Badaling is waiting for some of the best snowboarders on the planet. It’s all set for snowboarding’s China showdown.

Rider List:

Terje Haakonsen (NOR)
Peter Line (USA)
Travis Rice (USA)
Nicolas Müller (SUI)
Luke Mitrani (USA)
Pat Moore (USA)
JJ Thomas (USA)
Danny Davies (USA)
Chad Otterstrom (USA)
Kevin Pearce (USA)
Keir Dillon (USA)
Jake Blauvelt (USA)

In addition Ruiki the rookie is heading west from Japan. Ruiki Masada is a 15 year old talent from Japan. He was riding solid at The Arctic Challenge in Norway and the X Trail Jam in Japan. At the X Trail Jam he was going bigger than everyone else, except TerjeHaakonsen. Now he gets the chance to prove his skills in his neighbouring country.

All riders arrive in Beijing on the 1st of February for fun and social activities. Oakley and Travis Rice are showing their snowboard movie The Community Project at the Oriental Plaza Movie theatre. The movie showing is co-hosted and promoted by China’s coolest TV station for young people; Channel V.

Later on that night the fun keeps going as Chinese snowboarders are welcoming the International stars for party circumstances at the Bed in Beijing. DJ Olle Abstract from Norway will turn tables with up and coming local DJs. Press conference for Chinese and International media will be held on the morning of February 2nd at the Oriental Plaza movie theatre before the party moves on to Badaling for the Chinese Wall snow experience.

Saturday February 4 and Sunday February 5 are open for spectators. More info to come on program details. The Oakley Style Masters is a joint venture between Oakley and The Arctic Challenge.The ambition is to contribute to the kick-start of snowboard progression in the world’s largest country.

Oakley is a leading manufacturer of eyewear, apparel, footwear, watches and accessories to the global snowboard community with headquarters in California, USA. The Arctic Challenge is one of the most prestigious, independent snowboard events in the world with home base in Norway.

For further info, contact Henning Andersen at The Arctic Challenge: Mobil / E-post: +47 408 29 868 / henning@the-arctic-challenge.com