Pro Snowboarder Jamie Anderson Joins Oakley’s Global Women’s Snowboard Team


As many of you may have noticed during the X Games, the Queen of Slopestyle, Jamie Anderson, was in fact sporting a pair of Oakley goggles this weekend. Yes, Jamie is now the newest addition to Oakley‘s Global Women’s Snowboard Team. “We look for athletes who have the same drive to be at the forefront of their sport and Jamie has always impressed us with her raw talent and ability to conquer any terrain,” said Oakley Vice President of Global Sports Marketing, Patric McIlvain. After Jamie’s many years with Electric, Anderson has decided that taking a fresh start with Oakley would be a right choice for her. Congratulations Jamie.

Jamie Anderson Oakley


Oakley,   Inc.   today   announced   a   new   addition   to   the   company's   Global   Women's   Snowboard   Team:   three-­‐'time   Winter   X   Games   gold   medalist   and   U.S.   Olympic-­‐'hopeful   snowboarder   Jamie   Anderson.   Jamie   believes   in   the   superiority   of   Oakley's   sport   performance   eyewear   and   entrusts   her   vision   to   Oakley   as   she   embarks   on   her   mission   to   defend   her   Winter   X   Games   16   women's   snowboard   slopestyle   gold   medal   and   qualify   for   the   top   spot   on   the   Women's   U.S.   Snowboard   Team  for  the  2014  Winter  Olympics  in  Sochi.  

"Oakley  has  a  long  standing  history  in  action  sports  and  as  a  brand  we  pride  ourselves  on  driving   progression   in   the   industry   with   innovative,   game   changing   products,"   said   Patrick   McIlvain,   Oakley   VP   Global   Sports   Marketing.   "We   look   for   athletes   who   have   that   same   drive   to   be   at   the   forefront   of   their   sport   and   Jamie   has   always   impressed   us   with   her   raw   talent   and   ability   to   conquer  any  terrain.    She  has  been  a  dominating  force  in  women’ʹs  slopestyle  riding  for  years  and   we  are  proud  to  welcome  her  into  the  Oakley  family."  

  "I   have   always   wanted   to   work   with   Oakley,"   Jamie   said.   "The   team   is   phenomenal   –   ski,   snow,   women's,   men's   –   I've   always   been   inspired   by   what   they're   creating   and   the   projects   they've   done.  I've  also  always  known  how  amazing  their  lens  technology  is  and  how  respected  their  whole   marketing  team  is,  so  it  feels  great  to  be  connected  with  such  a  solid  crew.  It  seems  like  it's  been  a   long  time  coming,  but  it  always  happens  when  the  time  is  right."  

Oakley   has   long   been   recognized   for   the   superior   optical   quality   of   their   eyewear.   Jamie   will   benefit  from  wearing  Oakley  goggles  with High  Definition  Optics®  (HDO®)  offering  stunning   clarity   while   maximizing   peripheral   and   downward   view   when   she   snowboards.   Off   the   hill,   the   Women's  Active  Collection  combines  technological  advancements  including  HD  Polarized®  lenses   for   optimum   clarity   and   Unobtanium®   nosepads   to   prevent   slipping,   with   stylized   frames   for   a   line  of  eyewear  that  enables  athletic  women  like  Jamie  to  be  powerfully  protected  and  beautifully   decorated  at  the  same  time.  

Born   and   raised   in   South   Lake   Tahoe,   Nev.,   Jamie   first   learned   to   ride   at   the   age   of   nine   before   joining  the  Sierra  at  Tahoe  team  shortly  thereafter.  She  is  a  three-­‐'time  World  Tour  Champion,  six-­‐' time  X  Games  medalist,  2011  Dew  Tour  champion  and  holds  the  record  for  youngest  winner  in  X   Games  history.  She  comes  to  Aspen  this  year  off  of  a  dominating  2012  season  in  which  she  finished   on   the   podium   in   eight   of   10   events,   including   gold   medals   at   X   Games   and   X   Games   Europe   as   well   as   every   stop   on   the   2012   Burton   Global   Open   Series.   Watch   for   her   gold   medal-­‐'defending   performance   this   afternoon,   January   26,   2013,   in   the   Winter   X   17   women's   snowboard   slopestyle   competition  from  4:00  to  6:00  PM  EST.  

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