Thursday, October 18, 2018 — Oakley has released the latest chapter in its One Obsession campaign, focusing on the brand's world class snow athletes.

From photoshoots and press-conferences to shoveling snow for Grandma, distractions away from the mountain are part-and-parcel of being a snowboarder…or a grandson.

Athletes would always rather be out on the snow, sometimes they just have to abandon their responsibilities to do what they really love: shredding.

Oakley is here to tell them 'It's OK'.

In the film, Jamie Anderson has had enough of photo shoots, with makeup artists clambering all over her and fake snow flying in her mouth while fellow Olympic gold medalist Oystein Braaten is fed up with taking part in yet another press conference.

Snowboarding social phenomenon Stale Sandbech has his family chores to contend with, but the snow shoveling will have to wait, it's time to hit the mountain.

On the freedom of the mountain, the three of them link up with Sage Kotsenburg and Sean Pettit. They may be superstars of the sport, but they just want to get back to basics – sleeping in a tiny camper van and getting up for pre-dawn runs.

This is where they belong, on the mountain living out their One Obsession. It's OK to stay out late, work remotely, challenge gravity, shred not stress…

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