The Oakley Arctic Challenge Qualification Day Results

First place qualifier Sven Thorgren. FOTO: Olav Stubberud

First place qualifier Sven Thorgren. FOTO: Olav Stubberud

OSLO, NORWAY: After two days of practice it was time for the mens qualifications today.  Unfortunately, a number of injuries shortened the womens startlist, so it was decided that the remaining women went directly to semifinals. This gave them an extra day of practice today.

20 centimeters of pow met the riders in Wyllerløypa when the warm up started. The first round of qualifications contained similar doses of  technical tricks, steady landings and style. Especially Tyler Flanagan and Zak Stone represented the tech part, with huge 1080 double corks. Per Iver Grimsruds bs 900 on the monster hit was a potential overshoot that came out as a super stomp. Sven Thorgren took everybody by surprise, including himself: “I never expected to qualify as number one, I´m so stoked!”

Thorgrens score was a perfect example of how the SLS system consider style as a key element in snowboarding. The technical level of his riding was good, but the way he put it together was even more beautiful than the ligth snow drizzle on the surroundings in Oslo Vinterpark. The flow score had a major role for the number one qualifier. Some minor adjustments will be made before the semifinals tomorrow, but all in all the riders are really happy with the course.

1. Sven Thorgren
2. Morgan Ethan
3. Chas Guldemond
4. Tyler Flanagan
5. Sam Hulbert
6. Ulrik Badertscher
7. Per Iver Grimsrud
8. Seppe Smits
9. Sage Kotsenburg
10. Torgeir Bergrem
11. Emil Andre Ulsletten
12. Janne Korpi
13. Aleksander Østreng
14. Martin Skogholt
15. Eric Willett
16. Gjermund Bråten
17. Mark Mcmorris
18. Zak Stone
19. Patrick Burgener
20. Benji Farrow


    Friday 18th February

    10.00-11.25: Womens Semi-Finals

    11.40-12.05: Men’s first warm-up. heat

    12.10-13.20: Semi-Finals men, first heat

    13.35-14.05: Men’s second warm-up heat

    14.10-15.20 Semifinal men, the second heat

    Saturday 19th February

    11:30 -12:20: Women’s Final

    12.30: Men’s Warm-up

    13.30-14.40: Men’s Final

    14.40-14.50: Awards ceremony!

    Watch the live webcast at