Oakley Announces Theme Video Contest

Oakley Rider Studio Announces First Theme Video Contest
"Produce & Promote Your Best The Oakley Arctic Challenge Teaser"

The first official "Video Theme Contest" for Oakley Rider Studio is The Oakley Arctic Challenge. This event was started ten years ago by the Michael Jordan of snowboarding, Terje Haakonsen and has grown to be the standard in big air quarterpipe contests. We are looking for you to build the sickest video from over 120 photos, 50 video clips, TAC logos along with any other content you may have on your computer.

Your video should be no longer than 90 seconds and contain at least one TAC and Oakley logo in its timeline. Once you have your finished video, post it up on as many sites as you can, the winner will be determined by who receives the most views along with the highest "starred" rating.

The winner will be announced on "Tax Day" April 15th, 2009, just two short weeks from now, so get cracking and show us what you dig most about this insane contest. Maybe it's the huge crowds, or KP's double grab McTwists, or Terje's world record QP air, or Preston Strout doing hilarious interviews with the riders. Whatever it is make your video original and gain the most views w/ a solid rating and you could be wearing the official Oakley Arctic Challenge apparel for next season in April!

Winning Prizes: Official Oakley "Fall 2009" Apparel – The Oakley Arctic Challenge Hoodie, Beanie and T-Shirt.

Oakley Rider Studio is the first online social network that allows it's members the ability to build there only viral videos, that they can then post on any number of websites - Facebook, MySpace, Blogs, etc.