Foothill Ranch, CA, September 1, 2005 – Oakley, Inc. and Red Bull in conjunction with 1242 Productions today announced the upcoming release of The Community Project, a super 16mm and 35mm snowboarding film. Rather than the typical video format where each rider works towards an individual segment, this film is a group effort based around different locations and the lifestyle of snowboarding. The Community Project, takes the viewer on an action-packed adventure through many of the world’s best locations: New Zealand, Japan, Aspen, British Columbia, Jackson Hole, Norway, Alaska and Whistler/Blackcomb to name a few.

Oakley and 1242 Productions teamed up with Travis Rice and all of the outstanding athletes that showcase the strength and creativity of Oakley’s snowboarding team and gives a fresh vision to the snowboarding community.

“I’ve been embraced by a community of the most creative and inspired people I’ve ever met, With the complete support of these friends and a dream team of experienced and motivated cinematographers, editors and producers it is our vision to create a timeless film founded upon the reason we love to ride… snowboarding will remain.” Travis Rice

The film features top talent including: Travis Rice, JJ Thomas, Zach Leach, Tyler Lepore, Terje Haakonsen, Bryan Iguchi, Andy Finch, Kyle Clancy, Eero Ettala and Shaun White, and introduces up and coming riders such as Colin Langlois, Sammy Luebke, Pat Moore and others.

Shot on Super 35mm and 16mm film, the production team includes Rich Goodwin a veteran cinematographer with more than nine years experience in snowboard filmmaking, accomplished editor and cinematographer Curt Morgan, and Circe Wallace and Travis Rice serving as producers. Additional production management features Matt Goodman, a retired pro and accomplished film-maker, and Matty Swanson of Oakley sports marketing. This film is executive produced by 1242 Productions and Pat McIlvain along with Travis Rice. This film is supported primarily by Oakley and Red Bull.

The world premiere will take place on September 7 at the Oakley headquarters in Foothill Ranch, Calif. “The Community Project” will be sold by Oakley retailers, Ally distribution, Champion Visions, Method Media, and Platinum distribution. A world premiere tour is also slated to launch in the fall with dates and locations to be announced at a later date. Check out and to view a teaser clip and check for premiere dates near you.