Encinitas, CA January 14, 2008 – For the second consecutive year, O-MaticSnowboards has teamed up with ESPN and The V Foundation to help raise moneyfor cancer research through snowboarding. ³After a successful fundraiserlast year, O-Matic Snowboards has doubled their efforts in creating moreboards to help deliver the knockout blow in the cancer fight² says MarketingDirector and Pro shredder Todd Richards. Our boards will be partnered withsignature artists, athletes and celebrities where they will then beauctioned off at Winter X Games 12 in Aspen, CO, as well on www.expn.com with 100% of the proceeds going directly to the VFoundation¹s efforts.

Together with ESPN, O-Matic is giving people a chance to not only help raisemoney for a great cause, but to do it through art and snowboarding as acelebration of the common threads that bring us all to the hill every chancewe get.. Each artist, athlete or celebrity puts their personal mark on it,creating a piece that is bigger than simply a snowboard. It¹s a sidewalledsword in the cancer battle.

The V Foundation was founded in 1993 by former North Carolina State men¹sbasketball coach and ESPN commentator, Jim Valvano. Since 1993, The VFoundation has raised more than $70 million, and has awarded hundreds ofcancer research grants nationwide for all types of cancers. The V Foundationnow awards 100% of all new direct cash donations and net proceeds of eventsdirectly to cancer research and related programs.

Learn more about The V Foundation at: www.jimmyv.com

O-Matic Snowboards is a rider-owned and rider-driven brand. O-Matic began in2005 by bringing together pro snowboarders Todd Richards, Tara Dakides,Louie Vito and Chanelle Sladics and most recently Hampus Mosesson to createa new vision. Using the expertise of team riders and overall technicalsnowboard wizardry, O-Matic snowboards are designed to perform. At O-Matic,we are proudly manufacturing top quality, high performance snowboards thatare affordable and fun to ride. www.omaticsnowboards.com