NSAA National Safety Awareness Week: Jan. 13-19, 2001

LAKEWOOD, Colo., January 3, 2001 ¿Boeri Ski and Snowboard Helmets are again proud sponsors of the second annual National Safety Awareness Week, which is slated for January 13-19, 2001. Participating ski areas will showcase what they already do with regard to safety education and even create special activities during the week to heighten slope safety awareness. Ski areas will participate at various levels and tailor their events accordingly. For a listing of events, go to NSAA’s website at www.nsaa.org and click on skier/snowboarder safety. With ski conditions across the country the best in years, The National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) reminds skiers and snowboarders to remember the “Your Responsibility Code,” the seven safety rules. “While we’d like skiers and snowboarders to have wonderful experiences on the slopes, we’d also like to remind them that personal responsibility is key while experiencing the exhilaration of our sport,” said NSAA Education Director Tim White. “We recognize that there are inherent risks, but many accidents can be avoided if guests pay attention to the ‘Your Responsibility Code,'” said White. The nation’s ski areas have embraced the “Your Responsibility Code” since the 1940s when Minot “Minnie” Dole, the founder of the National Ski Patrol System first developed it. The code focuses on participants’ individual responsibilities. Ski areas promote the “Your Responsibility Code” via slope signage, on trail maps, posters and other visible means, often including cafeteria napkins. In addition, ski areas have been proactively educating their guests via on-slope ambassadors to help promote the “code” and educate guests on the hill. Ski instructors also educate their students.

National Kids’ Poster Contest National Kids’ Safety Poster Contest is another component of the ski industry’s national safety awareness efforts. Resorts are encouraged to host their own local contest and send winners to the national contest, which is being coordinated through NSAA. The contest targets 4th, 5th and 6th graders, but any elementary age child can participate. The students will be asked to create a poster related to any one of the seven points in “Your Responsibility Code.” Prizes will be awarded and the winning poster(s) will be featured in SKI magazine’s October 2001 issue.

The purpose is to promote skiing safety awareness and education to elementary school children, to support classroom curriculum related to sports, health and safety, and to give kids a chance to have fun and be creative while learning about slope safety. “We want our skiers and snowboarders to know and understand that we care about them and their safety,” said White. “Our effort to generate upfront awareness and on-going education will help heighten awareness and hopefully reduce incidences that lead to injuries. Collectively, ski areas have to take on a ‘pro-active’ approach and creatively educate guests, employees and the media about safety issues,” added White. The National Safety Council (NSC), headquartered in Itasca, Ill., supports the ski industry’s national safety initiatives as it supports other national safety initiatives such as motor vehicle and boating safety. The NSC will help support and educate the public about the Heads Up slope safety campaign, particularly the National Safety Awareness Week by including ski and snowboard safety information on their website, www.nsc.org. The National Ski Patrol, the Professional Ski Instructors of America, American Association of Snowboard Instructors and Willis and AIG insurance companies also support the ski areas’ Heads Up slope safety awareness campaign.