Stumbling over to Spreckles Theater in Downtown San Diego with an array of characters last scene at the free happy hour in the Embassy Suites, I mentally prepared to see Friday evenings debut of Standard Films “Notice To Appear” and Mack Dawg’s “Pulse”-what would be the sixth and seventh snowboard movie premieres of the week. Aside from the doubt and dizziness in my head over whether I could actually still get stoked after so many other videos, I marched in determined to feel the vibe of the crowd and the movies.

With the drop of the house lights, the first frames of “Notice To Appear” filled the screen. The packed theater watched in silence as Terje Haakonsen dropped into a run and pulled a huge method over a waterfall. Everyone went nuts and all that hesitation and doubt was erased-the Hatchett brothers had done it again, for the eleventh time.

Aside from the regular yells and cheers, the crowd sat mesmerized by the cinematography and riding taking place on screen for almost an hour. Showcasing a multitude of talent in all aspects of the sport from rails, backcountry booters, halfpipe riding, and big-mountain descents in Alaska and New Zealand and featuring riders who span the globe of notoriety from John Jackson to Terje Haakonsen-the movie was nothing less than you’d expect from Standard Films.

And, if one video wasn’t enough-after a short intermission the house lights dimmed again for Mack Dawg’s rail-infused “Pulse.” Set to a hard-hitting soundtrack, the film featured freestyle snowboarding at its finest. Riders like Devun Walsh, Jeremy Jones, Eddie Wall, Shaun White, Kale Stephens, Peter Line, Dionne Delasalle, J.F. Pelchat, Andreas Wiig, and Janna Meyen killed it in a variety of conditions.

From rails to backcountry the crew was hitting it hard, throwing some of the most technical tricks in and out of the park. Footage was gathered from standout spots in Oregon, Canada, Utah, and California, along with contest footage from a few spotlight events like Red Bull’s Heavy Metal rail jam in Buffalo, New York.

As the lights came back on and the crowd dispersed to the lobby to grab some free loot courtesy of sponsors like TransWorld Media, Jeenyus, Helly Hansen, and others, a buzz for winter was definitely on the radar. Pro’s, industry heads, and regular ole shreds were stoked again-another winter is on its way and those looking to put a little cortisone on the winter itch only need to look as far as their local shred shop to pick up these two videos.