3 years struggle for the World Snowboarding Championships (WSC) is won: The Norwegian Government approved the new arena plans for the championships in 2012 today. With no changes to the resort original construction plan, the organizing of this mind-blowing event starts today!

TTR and WSF voted unanimously for the WSC at the general assemblies in Barcelona in May provided the finances was guaranteed and the arena plans were secured. At the time, the finances was guaranteed by the Municipality of Oslo, but the Norwegian Government had not approved the arena plans. The general assemblies set the deadlines to September 1, and five days after the deadline the approval was made public

This is not only a good day for the WSC and snowboarding, but also for Norwegian Wintersports in general. Finally, Oslo has a resort for multiple use; Major International events can be held without closing the arena for training and leisure use. The final approval comes as result of a unique lobby partnership between athletes, federations/sports, clubs, organizers, the resort and the Municipality of Oslo. The resort, Tryvann Vinterpark, has been working on the plans for 10 years. The WSC organization has been contributing the last 3 years.
With a 20 million+ EURO investment plan and a 3,5 million EURO WSC financial guarantee provided by the Oslo Municipality, Oslo is taking a major leap towards the vision of being the Winter capitol of the world.

There are still some public regulation challenges left before arena construction can start, but these are considered minor compared to the overall approval of the arena made public today.