Seattle, Washington, January 13, 2005 — Northwave North America, home of Northwave Snowboard Boots, Drake Bindings, and Bakoda Design Logic is proud to announce the addition of Venue Snowboard Co. for the 2005-06 season. “The birth of Venue Snowboards has been a long planned venture for us over the past few years, said marketing CEO Dane Hjort. “We listened to the feedback from the market, which backed up what we’d been planning for quite some time now. There’s been a consistent demand for our company to add snowboards to our already successful boot, binding and accessory lines, so we’re delivering it. From boards to bindings to boots there is now a seamless interface between all three products, providing the most responsive and powerful riding experience possible.

Venue signifies a brand with a unique identity packed into a well-rounded product line, providing something for everyone, from first-timer to old-timer to pro-rider. Venue provides the setting for you to get your shred on, no matter what your riding style or where you are. From the beginning, we wanted Venue to be different. From our construction to our aesthetics, to our rider support, we are going to break all the rules. But just like our other brands, the one constant is performance, quality and durability.

Our team will represent the innovative start up philosophy and uniqueness of Venue- we are supporting amateurs, unknown riders, and up and coming pros that keep the sport fresh, young, and cutting edge. We have a strong group of riders that have been proving themselves from day one waiting for the opportunity to shine. With the Venue team, we are giving great riders who sometimes don’t get a chance, the opportunity to grow and help them make a name in snowboarding and with Venue Snowboard Co.

Seattle based Northwave North America enters its tenth year of operations with continued industry leadership in raising standards and providing snowboarders with quality boots, bindings and accessories. Backed with progressive marketing and an “A List roster of team riders, Venue Snowboard Co., Northwave Snowboard Boots, Drake Snowboard Bindings, and Bakoda Design Logic have become the brands of choice for riders worldwide.