North Korea set to Open Luxury Ski Resort on October 10th

The hermit kingdom, North Korea is set to open a new luxury ski resort this month. Sound bizarre to you? Yeah us too. But we’ll tell you this, if we can go, we’re for sure going!

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“The secretary general of North Korea‘s ski association views the sprawling alpine landscape before him with unabashed pride. Facing a strong, cold wind, he points to a dip in the rugged, tree-covered mountains and says the sunrise is a sight of unmatched beauty, worthy of the nation’s supreme leader, Kim Jong-un.

This is the Masik Pass ski resort, North Korea’s latest megaproject and the product of 10 months of furious labour intended to show that the country, so often derided for its poverty and isolation, is as civilised and culturally advanced as any other.

The complex of ski runs, resort chalets and sleigh rides will open formally on Thursday, though late last month the main hotels appeared to be little more than shells, potholes filled the access roads and foundations were still being dug for secondary buildings.

Who will ski here? Perhaps Kim Jong-un, who reportedly enjoyed the sport as a teenager studying in Switzerland. By the estimate of the ski official, Kim Tae-yong, there are only about 5,500 North Korean skiers in this country of 24 million – a skiing population of 0.02%.”

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Photo: Kim Kwang Hyon/AP

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