(Reno, NV) Reno-Tahoe International Airport announces a new airline, ExpressJet, thatwill feature non-stop daily service to Spokane, Ontario, Tucson and Long Beach startingNovember 11, 2007.

ExpressJet will fly twice daily to Long Beach, California and once daily to Ontario,California, Tucson, Arizona and Spokane, Washington.* With the addition ofExpressJet, Reno-Tahoe International now offers 182 flights per day to 23 cities.

“Ontario was previously the largest unserved market at Reno-Tahoe, said Krys T. Bart,A.A.E., Executive Director. “Three new daily flights will carry business passengers andadventure travelers from the ski slopes to the sunny beaches in the southern Californiaregion.

ExpressJet features onboard luxuries such as leather seats, valet carry-on baggageservice and free XM Satellite Radio. All flights will be operated by a 50-passengerEmbraer 145 Regional Jet.

“Today, we are not only adding flights, we are adding quality, said Krys T. Bart, A.A.E.,Executive Director. “This new airline is great news for the region. ExpressJet is a newcommunity partner who will hire local people to work their gates, the ramp and ticketcounter.

For more information on flight schedules and ticket sales, visit www.expressjet.com.