"The story goes that in the beginning the snow was so deep we couldn't even find our biding straps, so Geets (Greg Todds) decided to get rid of them. That was 1998 and we haven't used bindings since. The first prototypes were garage pours from homemade molds. Though some were better than others, we quickly realised we were onto something. From the beginning we knew that we wanted to spread the love of noboarding. A few years later we decided to make it happen and started NoBoard Sport Inc.”
Cholo Burns

And now the heads behind the NoBoard  have catapulted themselves into the digital realm with their new Web site www.noboard.ca.

The site offers up the latest news about the NoBoard revolution, some history about the movement, videos of some NoBoarders bagging hairball lines, team bios and a spot to reserve yourself either a NoBoard kit or a Burton NoFish.

Visit www.noboard.ca