No Upsets At Baker On Super Sunday

The Norwegian national anthem rang through the PA system on the final day ofthe 14th Annual Mt. Baker Banked Slalom. While this isn’t a tune youwould expect to hear at this most American of American resorts, it wasbroadcast in honor of the contest’s victor, Terje Haakonsen.

There were a few who actually doubted Terje’s chances at victory when he placedsecond on day one and was disqualified on day two of the event. But onSunday, he had his game face on and posted the two fasted times of theentire contest. France’s Peter Bauer, a former hard-boot world champion,claimed second place in a soft board/bindings setup. Josh Dirksen ofBend, Oregon, proved that his snowboarding skills extend beyond thehalfpipe by rounding out the top three places in the Pro Men’s division.

The Pro Women’s division held more suspense than expected as theheavily-favored four time champion, Karleen Jeffery fell on her firstrun. And with second run scores being withheld until the awardsceremony, there was no obvious winner before the end of the day. Onlywhen Dawn Fidler and Australian Marguerite Cossetini were announced asthe second and third place winners respectively, was it certain thatKarleen had done it again. And with this victory, she has set a newrecord, amongst both men and women, with the most Banked Slalomvictories a whopping five.


Men’s Pro
1. Terje Haakonsen – 1.14.22
2. Peter Bauer – 1.14.55
3. Josh Dirksen – 1.15.23
4. Mark Friesen – 1.16.50
5. Billy Anderson – 1.16.72
6. Serge Vitteli – 1.16.75
7. Temple Cummins – 1.17.38
8. Laurent Basset – 1.17.42
9. Dave Sypniewski – 1.17.63v10. Joe McGuire – 1.17.71
11. Justin Mooney – 1.17.76
12. Thomas Ligonnet – 1.17.95
13. Rob Morrow – 1.18.05
14. Peter Butsch – 1.18.18
15. Ross Peterson – 1.18.20

Women’s Pro
1. Karleen Jeffery – 1.23.52
2. Dawn Fidler – 1.24.50
3. Marguerite Cossetini – 1.25.52
4. Candace Drouin – 1.26.40
5. Wendy Wyvill -1.27.52

1. Jean Nerva – 1.19.05
2. Paul Ferrel – 1.20.90
3. Luke Edgar – 1.20.95

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