No Limits And Wildcats Alliance Join Forces

Late last year No Limits took on the Canadian shipping responsibilities for the Wildcats. Now after further meetings and discussion No Limits will take on a larger role with the cats. No Limits will now be in charge of not only shipping in Canada but also all international and domestic sales. Wildcat Alliance will still be in charge of designing the line and all marketing duties.

“The Cats have always been our friends and I look forward to working with them more on building the best casual after riding line in snowboarding. The team will be riding and promoting; doing what they do best while No Limits will do what they do best and handle the sales, production and shipping.”

Dez Price,
No Limits Distribution

“We are very stoked to take on Wildcats on a global level. It’s great to work with a local brand and local people to take that brand to the next level. So far the response from international distributors and retailers at SIA and ISPO has been phenomenal.”

Brodie Macpherson,
No limits Distribution

“Wildcats is really happy and excited to be working with No Limits Distribution, the partnership with No Limits will only strengthen the name Wildcats and the brand visibility. Our mission is to be the leader in the clothing and apparel market while remaining solely owned and operated by professional snowboarders and friends. We are dedicated to incorporating our lifestyle in every piece of clothing we make and each movie we produce. Wildcats is not just another snowboard brand, it’s a way of life.”

JF Pelchat,
Marketing director/professional snowboarder

Team Roster:Chris Dufficy, Eero Neimela, Iikka Backstrom, Devun Walsh, Kale Stephens, Dionne Delesalle, Chris Brown, Benji Ritchie, JF Pelchat, Reno Belisle, Tadashi Fuse, Gaetan Chanut, Paavo Tikkanen, Matt Dano

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For any immediate questions or concerns with Wildcats Clothing Ltd please contact Brodie Macpherson at:

No Limits 604.431.7330