All you need are your boots, your board, and a set of SnoDice, and you’ll be off enjoying the mountain slopes with your buddies in no time. From method grabs to switch backside 900’s, from front boards to switch back 270 boardslides, SnoDice has every boarder covered. High fives, smiles, awesome times, and top-notch boarding action are included.

Salt Lake City, Utah – September 15, 2009 – At a time when double-corks are the norm, and riders must be able to do a 1080 in order to get a free sticker pack, the people at SnoDice have created a game everyone can enjoy. Inspired by the belief that snowboarding is too much fun to waste time “training” for the X-Games or worrying about what the “cool” new trick is, SnoDice aims to re-grow some of snowboarding’s lost roots.


From the first game played last March in Breckenridge with homemade cardboard dice, to the present perfected “rail” and “jump” versions, the game of SnoDice is a simple way to spice up a day of shredding. It has always been about experimenting and learning new tricks, taking a different approach to each and every day of shredding, and most importantly getting out in the snow covered hills and having fun with your buddies. And SnoDice wants to keep these ideals rolling.

“Snowboarding has gotten a little like stale bread,” says co-owner John Pape, “it’s still good for you but not so tasty. I am going to make that stale bread into croutons with these SnoDice because croutons are both delicious and healthy. ”

“My brain does my thinking for me, and it thinks these dice are the cat’s pajamas,” says Christian Wenzler of SnoDice.

“I was supposed to hang out with my girlfriend, but this is way more fun,” said Madison Elsworth, friend and earth surfer extraordinaire, after playing the game.

Preparing to go on tour this winter, SnoDice and its affiliates will be showing up at mountains all over to hang out and film games for their weekly web videos. Dice will be rolled, tricks and friendships will be made, and parties will be reminiscent of the year 1999.

With a do it yourself attitude, out of pocket funding, and the burning desire to give something back to the boarding lifestyle they love, SnoDice is here to change things up. No bosses and no one to answer to but the millions of people out there who love to snowboard. Get ready to have some fun, this one is for everybody. 3-2-1 blastoff!
SnoDice is Matthew Puodziunas, Kyle Cartwright, Jon Lok, Christian Wenzler, and John Pape. Follow their exploits on www.snodice.comNo  and all those spyspace networks.

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