Nixon’s New Snowboard Watch

It has arrived… Nixon, the Encinitas based company specializing in team designed, custom built products for specialty shops worldwide proudly releases The Delta. Nixon fine tuned an old idea in altimeter watches and designed the first snowboard specific watch. No other watch in the world can do what The Delta does.

Altimeter watches have been around for years, but it took Nixon engineers and snowboarders to design one that really kicks ass. The Delta has 160 snowboard areas’ base elevation pre-programmed into the software so when you’re at Mammoth Mountain California or Axamer Lizum, Austria or 157 other mountains across four continents you can press a few buttons at the base lodge and exactly calibrate your watch to the precise elevation of the mountain you’re standing on. Second, The Delta combines this world’s first software with the precision of a Swiss barometric sensor, one that detects changes in altitude as small as 3 feet every second if you want. So if you launch the Onion Roll at Copper Mountain Colorado, you can rig your Delta to track how high you get, record the graph, then show off the graph of your huck to your pals at the après happy hour. And finally, this technology is wrapped up in enough style to make you look like you belong at the VIP club in Paris, not at the math club at MIT.

The Nixon product line includes 40 models ranging from The Rocker, a wide leather banded watch with plenty of attitude; to The Lodown, which boasts pre-programmed tide charts for over 140 beaches around the world. Nixon’s entire line of products can be viewed on line at

The Nixon Snow Team is Todd Richards, JP Walker, Shannon Dunn, Tina Basich, Dave Downing, Jeremy Jones, and Erik Leines along with skaters Danny Way, Colin McKay, Bob Burnquist, Kareem Campbell, Rick McCrank and Caine Gayle. Bruce Irons, Chris Malloy, Ben Bourgeois, Jon Rose, Dan Malloy, Saxon Boucher, and Keith Malloy make up the Nixon Surf Team.

Suggested Retail: Stainless Steel $280. Polyurethane $200.