Nixon Welcomes Iikka Backstrom


ENCINITAS, CA- Nixon is pleased to announce the addition of Iikka Backstrom to the Global Snow Team. Keeping in true Nixon tradition, new team additions are only possible by a majority vote by the current Nixon snow team roster. Iikka made the cut when his new teammates, including Danny Davis, JP Walker, Romain de Marchi, Gigi Ruf, Jeremy Jones, Hana Beaman, Elena Hight, Cheryl Maas, Jenny Jones and Todd Richards, all gave the thumbs up for him to join them as part of the Nixon crew.

“I’m just glad getting on the Global Team is based on a team vote and not my ability,” joked Iikka. “In all honesty, I’m really happy and flattered to be part of a great group of snowboarders. I’m stoked to be on the Nixon team; it’s something I’ve been striving towards for a long time.”

Originally from Finland, Iikka now splits his time between Encinitas, California and Whistler, British Columbia where he spends most of his time riding backcountry and putting the finishing touches on his 2010 DC video part. Although new to the Nixon Global Snow Team, Iikka has been flying the Nixon flag for many years, even contributing to watch product development and taking part in Nixon photoshoots. Iikka’s ability on the mountain, his good-natured charm and his love for the brand all make him a seamless fit for the team. Iikka currently rides for DC, Electric, Monster and Active.

Welcome to the team Iikka!