Nitro Team’s Worldwide Summer Promo Tour

June 28, 2002

This summer, Nitro, along with sponsoring numerous camps around the world, is also planning a world-wide promo tour. The tour will include visits to all of the major summer camps in the U.S, Canada and Europe. In addition, the Nitro Team plans on riding south of the equator in New Zealand, Chile and Argentina. Shelby Menzel has been recruited to travel along and document the whole tour. Shelby, known for his entertaining underground skateboard films such as Mutiny and Serpent Head Nightmare Fang, will be compiling footage to be used for a promo video for Nitro due out this fall.

The pro team, consisting of Shin Campos, Lucas Huffman, Giacomo Kratter, Tyson Carmody, Mark Reilly and Thomas (Beckna) Eberhartner, will be joined Am’s Eero Ettala, Fillipo Kratter, Etienne Gilbert and Andy Forgash. Throughout the whole tour they are going to be joined by other riders, distributors, dealers and friends.

The team will it kick off in beautiful Blackcomb, Canada at the Camp of Champs, from June 16th to the 22nd. From there it is across sea to the Nitro Camp in Val Sanales, Italy, where they will join Nitro riders from around the world from June 23rd to the 30th. The next stop in Europe is the Gap camp in Garmish, Germany from July 1st to the 4th.

Stubatial, Austria is their next stop for the Spc 55 camp, which they will attend from July 4th to the 7th. Spc 55 is known for wrecking bodies with their big jumps and even bigger parties. Hopefully they won’t get to pickled, because from there it is off to the Ice Ripper camp in Engelberg, Switzerland for the 8th through the 12th. All of the guys are really stoked to be heading off to Europe because of it’s laid back riding atmosphere. Who are we kidding, they want to go to Europe to party.

In mid July to mid August it’s back to the states for the summer camps at Timberline or more commonly known as Mt. Hood. The Nitro team will have a house in OR for the summer, because finding lodging or even open floor space at Hood can get tricky. Nitro has the honor of sponsoring High Cascade and Windell’s snowboard camps. Between these two camps they pretty much dominate Timberline ski resort in the summer.

In late August, the 25th thru the 30th to be exact, it is off to the land of the Kiwi’s. When they arrive in Cadrona, New Zealand, the team will be joined by Pat Melendowski of Planet Snow design and tools. Pat will be on hand to build the team whatever their hearts desire. In early September, the crew will head to Chile and Argentina hoping to catch some of their last big snow falls of the season. After a full summer of chasing the endless winter, the team is sure to come back with a lot of good memories and stories.